You Know Me Too Well

Lion did, indeed, have an orgasm last night. It was mostly because I’ve wanted to give him an oral orgasm for a few weeks. And, yes, he is also wild on this trip. He’d only worn the new cage for about a day and there are some issues with it. It didn’t make any sense to send him off only for him to be uncomfortable and need to remove it.

Lion complained (not really) that he’s had five orgasms in a month. I think two of them were ruined and I don’t really count those as orgasms, although Lion does. He likes to keep track of his orgasms. I don’t care how many he has. I just give him one when I feel like it. That’s not true. If I did that he might have many more. I don’t think that lessens the effect of enforced chastity. Lion is still unable to have any sort of sex unless I provide it. I know he’s wild on this trip, but, as he’s said, he doesn’t think too much about sex when I’m not around. Theoretically he doesn’t even need his cage anymore. We’ve decided to keep it because of symbolism and we worry about going back to the bad old days.

Our version of enforced chastity may be different from other couples’. That’s fine. To each his own. We’re constantly tweaking things along the way. We didn’t just magically arrive at this point. There was a lot of trial and error. A lot. I’ve resolved to go off in one direction full speed, only to crash and burn on the second day. Lion has made suggestions that he was sure were going to be just the thing, and they weren’t. Somehow, we’re still at it. Because it works. And then it doesn’t. So we change it. It’s evolution of the species, I guess.

I’m allowing Lion to be wild this week because the new cage is causing some irritation. We thought it was the texture. Now we’re leaning toward the paint. Lion is allergic to a lot of things. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he became allergic to me at some point. I didn’t want to send him on a six hour plane trip with the cage causing him problems. I almost suggested he pack the Jail Bird so he could lock himself up when he got to his hotel. It didn’t seem necessary. I trust him not to touch himself. I know that’s not the reason Lion wants the cage on though. He likes feeling my power. He likes knowing he can’t do anything, rather than just knowing he won’t do anything. We’ll have to sort out the new cage’s issues, but that will take time, and we were out of that before he left.