No More Light Swats

Lion reminded me about punishment day in the morning. I told him he had nothing on his list and that he was being a very good boy. That lasted about six hours. He spilled tomato sauce on his shirt at dinner. Poor Lion. He’d have punishment after all.

Many of our readers think punishing Lion for such minor infractions is silly. Maybe punishing him for interrupting me is equally ridiculous. In fact, you may not agree with any of our rules. Fair enough. Spilling food and eating before I do were relatively simple rules that I knew Lion would break fairly often. (He also used to be punished when he dropped ice from the ice maker, but the ice maker proved to have a sadistic streak and would throw ice across the room when no one was near it. Dropping ice is no longer an infraction.) The purpose of these rules is to encourage me to be consistent with punishment. Interrupting me was a rule I added because it drives me crazy when he does it.

I’ve gotten pretty good at Lion swats. It seems to me that the swats should be the same severity regardless of the offense. What should change is the number of swats. For example, last night Lion got six swats for spilling food. The swats were as intense as if he had touched my weenie. I’ve decided that if a punishment is worth swats then they shouldn’t be lighter swats for lesser offenses. I think that would send the wrong message. “Oh, Lion. You’ve spilled food which is a silly offense so I’ll give you these mamby pamby swats.” Nope. He needs to feel it afterwards otherwise he won’t take it seriously.

Even after I’d moved on the night’s activities, Lion felt those swats; after I’d unlocked him; after I’d given him a menthol cough drop-laced oral ruined orgasm. Just before bed, he asked if he was bruised. He wasn’t, but I felt like I had done my job if he thought he might be. Score one for Mrs. Lion! He also said he guessed we were done with lighter swats. For punishment, yes. They will be reserved for play now.


  1. Author

    Does Mr Lion punish you when you when you spill something on your clothes, or forget something, or eat before he does?

  2. Author

    Well done Mrs Lion you are my hero.Poor Mr Lion that’s what you get from other people blogs

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