Step One

I’m hoping to feel better by Saturday. I have self-imposed that date. I’m tired of being sick and that’s that. Let’s see if my cold listens as well as Lion does.

Lion has been taking good care of me. After work he cooks dinner and snuggles in bed with me. Of course, he then falls asleep for a bit too. It’s okay. He’s still a little sick himself.

I need to get back to work next week. My boss has already apologized in advance for everything she has screwed up in my absence. A few people know how to do parts of my job. No one really knows how to do the core roles. Job security.

I guess I also have job security at home too. Lion didn’t need any punishment last night, but we can’t assume that will last forever. As a matter of fact, if I hadn’t forgiven him for interrupting me on Monday, he would have been punished then. I was sick Monday. Maybe the cold medicine mellowed me out. If that’s the case, then Lion may be safe the longer I’m sick. Neither of us wants me to be sick any longer.

I don’t think I’ll be jumping right on the punishment bandwagon when I feel better. I’m much more interested in getting back to teasing Lion. If nothing else, I’m definitely unlocking him tonight. My weenie needs a chance to stretch. And Lion can take the opportunity to get Mr. Weenie and his cage clean.

We have to concentrate on getting things back to normal. Step one is getting ourselves healthy.

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    Fingers crossed you will both be back to your usual fun self’s soon. Best wishes form the UK

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