Punching Trees

Yesterday, three of us at work were ready to punch trees. Everything was annoying us. The same things that happen every day were even more aggravating yesterday. And then poor Lion jumps into the mix.

A few weeks ago I suggested prime rib or roast beef for Christmas dinner. He knows it’s not my favorite, but, for whatever reason, I didn’t want turkey for Christmas. Usually I’m all turkey all the time so I don’t know why I thought we should deviate. Lion doesn’t like ham, so I thought he’d love the idea of some sort of beef roast. We went back and forth and back and forth. Finally, just before I left the house yesterday, I said we’ll have turkey. A few hours later, Lion said he ordered a ham. You know in cartoons when they show a character so mad there’s steam coming from his ears? I felt like that. Hadn’t I said turkey? I’m supposed to be the one in charge. I’m supposed to make the decisions. My word should be law. Coupled with all the BS at work, this was just one more straw on the camel’s back.

Then Lion said he did it for me. I like ham and he wanted me to have what I want. He said I do so much for him, it’s only fair that he do something for me. How could I argue with that? Sound logic. But I was still mad. Why? No idea.

Last night I was supposed to vacuum the bedroom to get rid of the dog fur and dander. When it came time for doggie ice cream, I said I could do it then. We do it that way quite often. He takes the dog into his office and I vacuum. Nope. He wanted to give the dog her ice cream and then I could vacuum. Here comes the steam out of my ears again. Why couldn’t we just do it the way we always do it? Why can’t I get the vacuuming out of the way first? Why did it matter so much? No idea. I just chalked it up to an annoying day and still being mad about the ham.

It took till this morning to figure it out. It’s the end of the year. I hate the end of the year. I always have plans that I want to make cookies or candy or some such thing. I want to do this and that. And all of a sudden, it’s a few days before Christmas and I haven’t done any of it. And every year I ask who the hell put all these holidays at the end of the year with crappy weather and everyone yelling at each other. Working in retail was hell, but working in healthcare comes a close second. People are trying to get things done before their insurance changes. Their nerves are frayed from shopping and having too many things to do because of all the holidays being crammed together. The bosses are trying to get as much money in the door as they can before the end of the year.

Now that I’ve made the revelation, it doesn’t change much. It’s still the end of the year. People are still crazed. I still haven’t made cookies or candy. The only difference is that I know why I want to punch a tree. And we’re having ham for Christmas because Lion is doing a great job taking care of me.


  1. Author

    Sounds like You need some serious stress relief. Perhaps punishing lion would be helpful. You know he more than deserves it….

    1. Author

      I’m the only one who gets stress relief from punishment. I don’t think Mrs. Lion gets relief from spanking me.

      1. Author

        Except perhaps when she writes a post called “Punching Trees”.

  2. Author

    Seems to me he disobeyed you twice. Whatever his motives, it really doesn’t matter. He should have got the turkey and he should have acquiesced on the vacuum decision. I would expect to be punished had I done the same.

  3. Author

    I’m sorry you’re under such stress. It goes up exponentially in my line of work this time of year as well. Yet somehow people are more charitable, even while they are more irritating. The mind boggles. o_O

    I hope your holiday weekend is relaxing, ham and all. Merry Christmas!

  4. Author

    I was thinking about this on the way home. Apparently I can only think when I’m in the car. This time of year gives me a sort of PMS. Maybe YEF – year end funk. I guess we should all be thankful that I don’t have PMS every month, but save it all for the last few months of the year.

    Lion will not be punished for the ham or the vacuuming fiascos. Both are the direct result of my YEF. Any other time of the year it wouldn’t have been a big deal.

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