Let’s face it, Lion has been around the block a time or two. There’s very little I can do to him that hasn’t already been done, at least in terms of sex. However, I do like to change things up. I don’t ever want him to get bored with the same old thing. (Although I am the same old thing.) Sometimes I just vary the order in which we do things. Sometimes I do something I’ve never done before. I like to surprise him.

Last night when we first started snuggling, Lion’s mind was elsewhere. He had to send an email to growl at someone and then he was ready for action. I decided he should have a blow job, or at least part of one. In the past week he’s had two orgasms so another one was not on the table. And to change things up I decided that I wouldn’t let go of him after I edged him. He would remain in my mouth until I was done with him. Each time I edged him, I stopped all movement except for my tongue pressing on the underside of the head of his penis. Once I even just stopped moving where I was, with my tongue near the base, and let him squirm a bit. I didn’t give him much time in between so he was always right there. I wasn’t moving much. Mostly it was just my tongue moving. For the finale, I did move. And I ended up with a very hot, very frustrated Lion. As it should be.

I doubt he thought he was going to come. Afterwards, he said it had only been two days since his last orgasm, and two days before that. He didn’t expect to come, but boy was he hopeful! He liked my new technique of not letting him out of my mouth. I’ll have to repeat it in the future.

I checked out Lion’s butt when I got home. No bruises, but there are little red dots where the tenderizer paddle drew blood. In yesterday’s email exchange, Lion told me how to leave bruises. I already knew, but I told him I choose not to. I don’t know why it surprised me when he asked if I would. I’ve only ever left a bruise a few times and then it was during play spankings. I think it was when Lion was teaching me how to leave a bruise and then once after that to make sure I could still do it. Now he wants them during punishment. I’m still struggling with the whole punishment thing, especially the harder swats. It didn’t really bother me to make him bleed the other night, and I think if I had left a bruise it would have been all right, but intentionally leaving a bruise during punishment will be difficult. I still try to maneuver the swats so they don’t hit the same spots over and over again. I’ve been trying to make it easier for Lion to take them. To get a bruise I have to concentrate swats in one area. I know I can do it. I just have to talk myself into it.