Every so often, I sit down and let my mind wander. Yesterday, I came up with a few observations:

  • The chastity device is more comfortable for me when my balls are pulled in tight. When things are all warm and comfy down there, my scrotum relaxes and the skin is soft and loose. At those times I can be pinched when some of that skin gets between the base ring and the inside of my thigh. Then, if I am sitting, a small movement gives me a little pinch. Tight balls stay out of the way.
  • Jerking off is far more than release in Mrs. Lion’s eyes. When we started enforced chastity, the topic of masturbation came up in the obvious context that I couldn’t do it any more. Of course not! I was, and remain, locked in a chastity device. Over time, as we discussed enforced chastity more, I learned that Mrs. Lion never knew I jerked off. Moreover, she thinks of me masturbating as a betrayal of sorts. She said that jerking off is having sex with someone else. Me. I admit that I never thought of it that way. The last time I jerked off was just after beginning enforced chastity. Mrs. Lion wanted to watch me do it. Since then, I’m not even allowed to make myself hard when I am out of the cage. No more masturbation for me. Ever.
  • The most puzzling thing about domestic discipline for me is that I hate being spanked but feel comfortable and at peace after being punished. To my surprise, this feeling gets stronger as the severity of the punishment increases. I can’t figure it out. The punishment isn’t taking guilt away; at least I don’t think so. Perhaps corporeal punishment is a subconscious message that tells me I am loved. I was never punished as a child, so it doesn’t come from there. But something deep inside me is at peace after punishment.
  • I’m surprised at my reactions to Mrs. Lion when she is in 2.0 or FLR wife mode. I imagine that the stronger her direct control of me, the sorrier I will be that I agreed to surrender power. I truly like having my own way. In practice, the opposite is true. I love obeying her. Of course, occasions when she tells me to do things are few and far between. Perhaps when I am under stricter control, I might get a rebellious feeling or two. I doubt it.
  • I love it when she tells me (or you) that I belong to her.  A “good boy” with a little pat on my ass or a rub to my balls, makes me want to wag my tail. I love it. Begging is a turn-on too.
  • Consistent anal play combines dread and anticipation in a remarkable way.
  • I hate having my balls swatted. When Mrs. Lion does it, I just grit my teeth and wait for her to finish.
  • I wonder if people think it’s weird that I don’t have any pubic or butt hair. I had a prostate exam recently. My doctor didn’t even raise an eyebrow. Before we moved to the West and I had a frenum piercing, my doctor asked me if I liked the piercing. He was genuinely interested in my recommendation.

I surprise myself when I react to something differently than I imagined. I still find it strange that I like the way I feel after a punishment. I must be a big cub.

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    Other data points:

    – I’ve personally never liked any of the trapped-ball devices. My testicles are pretty “high and tight” anyway; although this would be a good thing for Lion, it just seems to make everything down there more constricted and inflexible. I greatly prefer a free-swinging tube anchored (in my case) by a PA piercing.

    – I’ve had TSA agents genuinely interested in my PA piercing, when I was wearing a ring. The sole time I had to display my chastity device to an agent, I think he just wanted it over with as quickly as possible…

    – Masturbation was never a problem for my wife. My doing so was always a tacit assumption for her, and in fact she speaks very freely about her doing it also (less frequently than I used to, however). It turns out that there’s an evolutionary reason for both sexes to masturbate: for men, sperm have a useful life of only a few days, so masturbating “cleans out the pipes” making room for younger, more viable sperm at the next possible impregnation possibility. The purpose for women is more complex – amazingly so, in fact; the book “Sperm Wars”, by Robin Baker, discusses this and related topics in fascinating detail.

    – We don’t do corporal punishment, or play either, with me as the bottom, so I don’t notice the same feelings as Lion in that area (although I *completely* dislike any but the most gentle manipulation of my balls!). I do notice a peacefulness and comfort when I’ve been locked up though, and I think Lion described the feeling very well, and also the lack of understanding about its cause.

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