surprised lion
Even though I know something is coming, the training collar always surprises me.

As Mrs. Lion wrote yesterday, we ran hours of errands. What she didn’t mention is that I was wearing the training collar the entire time. Mrs. Lion playfully buzzed me with the vibrator function a couple of times. She didn’t send me any zaps. She didn’t have to. The knowledge that device was strapped under my balls, was enough to make me very careful to behave and pay attention to Mrs. Lion at all times.

I know how it feels to get a zap from the training collar. I want to avoid public zaps. The training collar isn’t symbolic. It’s real and when Mrs. Lion decides to correct me, I feel it; boy do I feel it. All she has to do is open the cell phone app and touch the zap button. Easy peasy. I’m helpless. I can’t resist. That’s clear power. I have no control.

Wearing a chastity device is another concrete expression of power. For some time, I’ve thought the chastity device I wear is a symbol, like my wedding ring. I was wrong. As I’ve written, I’m conditioned not to masturbate. I won’t do it, locked or not. So, I reasoned, if I won’t masturbate then the device isn’t necessary for Mrs. Lion to maintain sexual control. That’s both right and wrong.

In my mind there is a big difference between “won’t” and “can’t”. While there is no danger that I will masturbate when wild. That’s me expressing self control. That self control supports Mrs. Lion’s control. But it is my self control. I won’t masturbate. However, when I’m locked in a chastity device, I can’t masturbate. It would take extraordinary effort to escape the chastity device. I think I could do it. But it’s not worth the effort. By the time I worked my way out, I would be hurting and tired. Jerking off would be off my mind.

No matter how often Mrs. Lion gives me orgasms, each time she has to unlock my penis and then provide the fun. Just like the training collar, I know that Mrs. Lion can leave me locked or tease me and lock me back up without an orgasm. She can do this as long as she likes. Even the day after an orgasm, each time I feel the device locked between my legs, I realize self control or anything else I feel matters.

The cage isn’t just a symbol of her power. It’s a stainless steel expression of it.