My orgasm count is very high. Thursday night was my 50th orgasm this year. That’s a bit over one a week. At first I felt a bit embarrassed about this cornucopia of seminal release. I know compared to others, I am hardly abstinent at all. Maybe that’s numerically true, but I’ll bet I get just as horny and desperate for an orgasm as anyone.

It’s not that I can’t wait longer. I can. Long abstinence was never a goal for either of us. It’s about sexual control. Bear in mind that I am edged almost every night. My waits are punctuated every day by repeated trips to the brink of ejaculation. All that activity keeps my desperation high.

I know that if Mrs. Lion wishes, I can wait much longer. My current wait could extend for any amount of time. I suspect my next orgasm will be after a wait of more than ten days. So what? The bottom line is that enforced chastity restored the physical intimacy we lost for a decade. That restoration was  due to the power exchange and the chastity device I wear. We are both sure the time between orgasms has no part in this.

So much chastity mythology revolves around the alleged positive changes in male behavior that abstinence creates. As the story goes, after a male ejaculates, he becomes lazy and disobedient. So, ipso-fatso, to keep a male loving, helpful, and obedient, don’t let him ejaculate. Those who follow this regime, work hard to keep the male’s orgasms as infrequent as possible.

My personality doesn’t change after I ejaculate. Other guys do experience emotional changes for a few days after coming. Maybe, for them, extended waits are a necessary part of their power exchanges. Fair enough.

The point of enforced chastity is a power exchange. The keyholder decides when her male ejaculates. At least, that’s how people think about it. I believe it’s closer to the truth that the males want longer waits than their partners would prescribe on their own. If I have an opinion on the length of my waits, I’m not sharing it. It’s very important to me that Mrs. Lion determines that without my input. I’m happy she’s in control. She doesn’t need my input; just my output when it is time.