I love watching Lion while I edge him. He gets such great looks on his face. Last night was concentration. His brow was furrowed. He was focused on coming. What could I do? I let him come. And then his face changed to relief although his hands clenched tightly. It hadn’t been that long since his last orgasm. It rarely is, but I wanted to reward that concentration. By rights I should have made him wait at least until next Wednesday during our trip. But I’m a sucker for that face.

As I was locking him back up he said he’s amazed that we’re still doing this after three years. I have to say, I am too. But we certainly are not about to mess with success. Neither of us can believe we’ve been together as long as we have either. In some ways it seems like we’ve always been together. In others, it seems like we haven’t been together long at all. We have no idea why we work at all. Generally, we don’t like the same things. You could say opposites attract, but I’m not sure that quite does it justice. It’s like the universe took two people who don’t fit in any mold and made them fit together. It’s weird. And wonderful.

We got a late start on playing last night. Dinner was late. Showers were late. I was struggling with a computer issue. We were watching TV and keeping an eye on the baseball game. (Yay Cubbies!!!) Despite saying I was going to jump start things by having orgasms, last night didn’t seem like the night to start. There was too much going on. Lion edging was easier to do and he needs the attention more than I do. He was definitely happy to be edged…and more. The “and more” is his favorite part.

Now I’m really going to stand my ground. I only have to make it past Sunday night. Lion leaves very early Monday morning. If I can resist giving him an orgasm between tonight and Sunday night, I’m home free. Lion won’t be around Monday and Tuesday nights. I can’t possibly give him an orgasm those two nights. I doubt, after a long flight on Wednesday, that I’ll feel like giving him one then. He’ll have to wait until Thursday at the very least. Maybe Friday. We’ll have to see how we feel.

I know in “normal” enforced chastity relationships, it’s the male who is chomping at the bit wanting an orgasm. In our relationship I’m sure Lion is still the one chomping at the bit more, but I also want him to have orgasms. It’s definitely more of a problem with my willpower. Each time I give him an orgasm, he tells me how many he’s had for the year. I think we’re up to 50 so far. Holy cow! Are we sure he’s being denied? That doesn’t sound like a lot of waiting to me.


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    Let’s see… fifty so far, and we’re at the start of November, so that’s ten full months – five per month, and all by your hand (or mouth, or…). Yup, I’d have to say that Lion is doing better than most married men, and *way* better than most single men.

    And that’s *way* ok! It’s fantastic that your relationship works so well. Either from hints or explicit mention, I think this is a second partnership for you both. In my limited but exactly parallel experience, 2.0 works a lot better. (Mrs. Lion should take note of that fact…)

    My 2.0 and I are approaching our decade mark, and I’ve never been happier in my life. It’s a happy thing to learn that we’re not the only couple making other kinksters nauseous.

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      Well, I’m Mrs. Lion’s 2.0. I’ve had more than one ex. We’ve been together 14 years now. As she said, we are amazed it’s been so long. At the same time we feel like we have been together all of our lives.

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