Don’t Stop!

Last night Lion warned me that he was very horny and I needed to be careful. I asked why. He reasoned that I may go too far in edging him. That may be true but he should be careful too. I know he’s not trained to resist orgasms, but he can tell me when he’s close. Although, he’s told me in the past he doesn’t always know it’s happening until it’s too late. And I’ve never put the onus on him to warn me. I’ve always just watched for signals. But should I give him the responsibility to warn me as well?

I think it might be true that sometimes there is no warning. It just happens and we either wind up with a ruined orgasm or, in a few cases, a full orgasm. I’d estimate in at least 90% of edgings, Lion knows exactly what’s happening. I think I can see it coming, so to speak, in around 95%. Sometimes I can tell when Lion can’t because he’s floating somewhere otherworldly. But here’s the thing; should he have to warn me? Am I not trying to give him the illusion that we’re going all the way this time? If I make him conscious of things, then he can’t enjoy the ride. I think I’d rather keep the responsibility of stopping in time for myself.

All I want Lion to do is concentrate on heading toward the light, or scoring the winning touchdown, or whatever guys think about when they’re on the way to an orgasm. He should be thinking this is the it! This is the time! Just a few more strokes. Right there. That’s the spot. And then it’s up to me to get him there or stop short and dash his dreams. I know some women like to train their man to be able to stop. I’ve thought about it. I don’t think I want to put in the hard work that’s involved. Plus, I like to surprise Lion with impromptu orgasms. I think it would lose some spontaneity if I need to tell him not to stop himself. It’s much more rewarding to hear him say, “Don’t stop!”