Ok, I’m competitive. When Mrs. Lion gave me a second orgasm in two days, when the glow wore off, I felt a tinge of regret. Am I having too many orgasms? Do I lose my position in the caged male community? Based on my calculations, the mean time between my orgasms is now an astounding three days. That’s the average number of orgasms for a vanilla guy. The median wait is a more respectable six days. OMG!

It certainly doesn’t feel to me like I come three times a week. The reality I experience is quite different. Mrs. Lion spaces my orgasms irregularly. I can go two weeks on the high side. Generally, the wait is between seven and ten days. And then, Surprise! I get to come two days in a row. I also may get an orgasm two or three times in a single week. There’s just no telling what Lioness will do.

I track my orgasms. The reason is that it’s easy for either of us to remember what happened a month or more ago. Oh, who’s kidding who; I like to keep stats on my chastity. It’s nice to report on it too. Other bloggers like to do that too. Guys who comment on our blog frequently let us know how long they’re waiting too.

It’s easy to forget what enforced chastity is about. In my opinion, it has little to do with length of abstinence. It’s about control. In fact, as Mrs. Lion observed three years ago, being made to ejaculate more frequently is sexual control too. I don’t get to decide when I can come. Mrs. Lion does. It doesn’t matter if it means I wait one day or a year, it’s out of my control.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

I know what you are thinking. Lion isn’t challenged if he gets to come so often. Challenged? How? Is the measure of effective enforced chastity the level of frustration the males feels? If he isn’t horny, has the experience failed?

In those few moments after the orgasmic glow fades, I worry it has. I don’t think so. Enforced chastity isn’t an orgasmic pissing contest. It’s a power exchange. The quality of the power exchange isn’t based on the length of the wait. It’s based on the control the keyholder maintains. Like most guys, I like to measure. I measure and record the waits between ejaculations. Ok, I also measured the equipment more than once to provide information to people making me chastity devices.

We like to assume  that bigger is better. I’m average in that area. By extension, we males assume longer waits are better too. I strongly suspect that most keyholders take cues from their caged males as to how long to keep them waiting. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s the case. What do you think?

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    Here is the conundrum for the KH and Disciplining Wife… Is it kinder to be cruel and cruel to be kind?

    Is no spanking or light spanking more cruel than a heavy spanking? Is a short wait denying the ‘thrill’ of denial more cruel than a long wait?

    I don’t think there is a right answer and what may be right once may not be right another time. However I do think that at least sometimes the submissive ought to have his limits and comfort tested.

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