Too Nice

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my knee. Long story short, after three doctors, at least five xrays, one ultrasound and a bunch of poking and prodding, it’s all in my head. There’s no swelling, despite the distinct swelling I see. There’s no cartilage damage. Of course no one has actually checked the ligaments which is where I think the problem is. That would require an MRI and why do one of those when it’s all in my head?

Needless to say, I wasn’t in any mood for play. Lion, with his two orgasms two nights in a row, wasn’t either. I did ask him if he wanted to go for three in a row. We had a chuckle about that. He said he’s too old for that nonsense. I bet I could have gotten him excited if I tried, but it wouldn’t have been worth it to either of us.

I gave Lion a half-hearted punishment spanking for forgetting to put the training collar on when we went out Friday night. I forgot too so I didn’t swat too hard and I used a light paddle. It still hurt so it wasn’t a total waste. I also checked his buns for evidence of the dots and marks I’d left from our last numb butt experiment. They were gone. He had a pristine tushy.

I let Lion be wild for a while even though we weren’t going to play. It’s good for him to get out in the night air. It also helps any alignment issues he may had had during the day. A few times I’ve left him caged for a few days, he’s gotten all out of alignment and peeing was even more difficult. I’ve noticed that the screw can become loose if I don’t check it daily. All this can be accomplished by simply unlocking him. Yes, I know I can unlock him and immediately cage him again, but sometimes I like to fondle him while we snuggle even if I don’t intend to actually play with him or edge him. My modus operandi lately has been to allow him one last standing pee for the night before locking him away. Yes, I know I’m too nice to him. I still have a hard time being mean to him. Old habits die hard.