Lion is a funny boy. When he’s locked up he wants to be wild. When he’s wild he wants to be locked up. When he’s denied he wants an orgasm. When he gets an orgasm he wants to be denied.

Saturday night, as you know, I gave him an orgasm. That would normally mean Sunday would be a day off. Lion wouldn’t really be horny. He would either remained caged or come out for some fresh air. So I unlocked him and he took a shower and cleaned the cage. Later on we snuggled and I asked if he was horny. He said he wasn’t really but my playing with Mr. Weenie felt nice. Then he asked if we could use the Magic Wand. This is Lion’s favorite non-Lioness toy. When it touches the sweet spot, Lion usually gasps.

I tried to match the Magic Wand to Lion’s thrust speed to see if I could get him to start bucking. Sure enough, he started with the tiniest of movements. He never really did get to the actual bucking stage, but he was thrusting. I thought “why not?” He loves his Magic Wand. He can have another orgasm with it. I edged him a few times and then kept going.

Afterwards, the silly boy asked what’s with coming two nights in a row and said I was ruining his average. Does he really want to come less often? I know two nights in a row can get tiresome after a while. When we first met, he wanted to come every night. And he did for a very long time. I teased him that if he’s worried about his average then he doesn’t have to come for the rest of the year. Uh oh. That’s over two months. That may not be long for some caged males, but my Lion is a bit spoiled. Some might say he’s more than a bit spoiled.

That’s OK. I like giving him orgasms. And I’m sure he appreciates them more than he worries about his average. Right, Lion? [Lion – Yes, Ma’am.]


  1. Author

    He’s doing much better than me. I’ve only had three orgasms since the beginning of June. Maybe this coming weekend, but that would only be 26-28 days and I think my Queen will decide not yet. But I only think that.

  2. Author

    Denial isn’t denial unless you want what your being denied. For me denial most of the time is better than being allowed to come and yet I would always want to come.

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