Numb Butt Experiment #2

paddle marks on butt
Lion’s butt (left) yesterday after spanking with a flat paddle. Hard swats brought up what looks like marks caused by the “tenderizer” (right and inset) a week before.

If you recall, we did an experiment last Sunday. Lion numbed one butt cheek to see if I could leave a lasting impression on him. Obviously, the non-numb cheek reached its limit quicker than the numb one. In addition, Lion asked me to go back and hit the numb one as hard as I could. I selected the meat tenderizer shaped paddle and hit him more although not necessarily as hard as I could. Lion felt it for a while afterwards but nothing that would have satisfied a true masochist.

Yesterday I decided to revisit the numb butt experiment. This time I had Lion numb both cheeks. It was obvious that the non-numb cheek couldn’t take much pain last week. If I’m going to really leave a lasting impression, I need both cheeks numb. At the same time, I had Lion put on a diaper. For one thing, why wouldn’t I? Plus, it helped hold the plastic wrap around his numbing cheeks.

The rules for the diapers this time was two pees and then he could change just before the next pee. He’d always be wet. He had to be in the diapers until I told him to stop. But I digress. We were talking about the experiment.

When Lion reported his butt was ready for takeoff, I selected a paddle with a longish handle and a small, round head. I figured this would give me the best leverage and concentrate all the force to one spot. I set about whomping. This time I was hitting hard; maybe it was as hard as I could. The problem with hitting as hard as I can is that I won’t necessarily be accurate. So I guess I was hitting as hard as I could while being accurate.

After quite a few swats, Lion was starting to squirm and asking for mercy. He said if I just gave him a few minutes, he’d be ready for more. I decided to inspect the damage. Oddly, I saw four red dots. Last time I whomped him, he did get some stippling which I assumed was from the end of the paddle sliding as it hit. These dots were similar, but they were in a perfect square pattern. And there were two more lighter dots as well.

It took me a minute but I figured out it was from the previous week’s swats. The meat tenderizer paddle has raised pyramids, as you can see in the picture. The dots match the points on the pyramids. I had tenderized Lion’s butt! He’s concerned that the effects lasted so long. He thinks I did some actual damage. I’m torn between being concerned and being excited that I finally left a mark on him. Victory is mine!

I don’t think he’ll have any long term issues with the dots. Aside from his punishment swats tonight, I have no plans to whomp him for a while. Lion’s sexy buns will have time to heal. In the meantime, I declare the numb butt experiment to be a success.