That’s Life

Just to prove me wrong, Lion was horny last night. Who knows how these things work? We just take advantage of it when it happens.

Since we didn’t play Monday night because of emergency refrigerator repairs, Lion had been locked away since Sunday night. I don’t think he was aligned all that well so he was looking to be unlocked whether we played or not. I figured a little snuggling and some wandering fingers couldn’t hurt. It didn’t. And eventually Lion had to deal with some oral attention.

In the past, oral attention meant orgasm. But I’ve been practicing. I can now torture him within a few seconds of coming and still stop short. He gets all of the benefits except that last little bit. He both loves and hates it. Why can’t we go just that little bit further? Nope. Sorry. Not tonight, dear.

It was really nice to see my weenie standing so tall and proud. And then once he wasn’t, he got a little kiss on the tip and back in the cage he went. This time there was no grumbling from the peanut gallery. I guess Lion was in a better mood last night. I think he was in less pain.

I’m not going to make any plans one way or another about playing or edging. We’re taking it as it comes for now. Actually we usually do it that way. Any time I say I’m going to do this or that, something happens and I wind up not doing it. I’d much rather see how we feel on any given day and go from there. I know Lion likes plans, but then he’s disappointed if things don’t happen the way they were planned. That’s life. No guarantees.