As I’ve said in previous posts, Lion and I are both hurting. He is also “suffering” from unhorniness. In the past, Lion has felt the need to apologize for his lack of libido. There’s really no need. I’m always understanding when he says he doesn’t want to play.

Everyone goes through phases. Sometimes Lion is tree-humping horny. Sometimes he doesn’t care about sex at all. It’s no secret that Lion gets more out of enforced chastity and FLR than I do. That’s just the nature of the beast. The bottom generally tends to get more than the top does.

My biggest “get” from our arrangement is a happy Lion. The only thing that bothers me about not playing on a given night is that it probably means Lion isn’t feeling up to it in some capacity or another. Is he sick? Is he tired? Does he think I’m sick or tired? Something is off and he’s not happy. If he’s not happy then I’m not happy. It has nothing to do with my missing play time.

I’ve never demanded we play when he doesn’t want to. While it’s possible I could tie him up and get him hard, he wouldn’t really be into it, as evidenced by his last orgasm. I did get him aroused and gave him his scheduled orgasm, but he wasn’t happy. I didn’t do it as a “Ha! You didn’t think you were horny and I proved you wrong!” moment. I really thought he wanted me to get him aroused so he could come. Lesson learned.

For now, I think we need to concentrate on taking care of each other and getting well. I just hope Lion feels better for his upcoming trip. It’s hard enough to be packed into a plane. He doesn’t need to be in pain too.