I admit that I wasn’t very happy when I went back into the chastity device. It’s not that it causes any big problems. It’s just that I liked being wild. Now that I am locked up again, I’m feeling fine about my confinement. It would sound more dramatic if I claim I have a love-hate relationship with wearing a chastity device. I don’t. I understand why I wear it and I like the effect it has on our relationship. Yes, I’m aware that the device isn’t responsible for the changes we have made. I’m also pretty sure that even if I were permanently wild, the changes would stick.

I do wonder about some of the other stuff we do. Orgasm control is definitely something I can both love and hate. Most of the time I like the sexual tension I feel. I like the suspense of waiting until Mrs. Lion decides to let me get release. I hate the way it feels when I am at the point where I will do anything for that orgasm and all the action stops and I am locked away again. Maybe I don’t hate that. That’s not the right word. Ok, I like it in a perverse way.

After all, I spent many years thinking about enforced chastity. Most of the thinking was arousal at the idea my partner could control me that completely. Sexual helplessness is a hot fantasy. The reality doesn’t disappoint. I’m very lucky that Mrs. Lion is so skilled at teasing me. I’m sure she never imagined that she would become an expert cock tease.

So much of what we do is way off the scale of how we saw our lives only a few, short years ago. Virtually all of it can’t be shared with family and friends. As you probably know, I love to have adventures and try new things. I’m super lucky that Mrs. Lion is willing to indulge me long enough to decide if my latest idea works for us. One of my most bizarre suggestions was for Mrs. Lion to lock up my cock and sharply restrict ejaculations.

She was sure I would get tired of this kink and we would drop it after a few weeks (maybe days). The fact I was still happy with it after a few months surprised us both. Before the first year in enforced chastity ended, we were both convinced this practice improved our relationship and was going to continue indefinitely. We are much closer now than we have ever been before. We are a very happy couple.

There’s absolutely no way I ever imagined this outcome. All this goodness notwithstanding, there are plenty of times I am unhappy with the cage. Ironically, my frustration is never about being prevented from ejaculating. It’s usually because peeing is inconvenient or I get a stray pinch from the cage. I truly enjoyed my weeks of freedom. I am also happy to be locked up again. Make up your mind, Lion!

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    Lion: I don’t expect that you would post these comments but it is good to be able to share with one soul on the planet our angst. I have suffered also the loss of youthful excitement. And morning wood and all. Trying to get that back is much more than a little blue pill can do. If we men could have that contained arousal like in our youth. Well I thought the chastity could help bring that back.All I needed to do was tell my wife I was out of control and she could lock me up. I tried even to be submissive in chastity to ensure her desire to keep me there. It did not work and she felt that edging and teasing was a chore. So I realized that I could pay large sums to get edged by a Dom or forget the whole thing. I am happy that testosterone is fading and I do not need continual arousal. Being locked was nice but not being ignored otherwise. Self bondage and the thought of conventional Dom/sub relationship still keeps me aroused but my wife is not submissive. So in another life I could only hope for a naturally sub female or alpha female to gain back any of that daily arousal.

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