Staying the Course

In the past, Lion has said we play too often. He doesn’t necessarily want clothespins or Velcro every night. On the one hand, he’s got a point. On the other hand, he doesn’t make the decisions. To some extent I do agree that for a span of time I was BDSM-ing him to death. To me, since we started playing all those years ago, BDSM and sex go hand in hand. I realize they don’t have to. And I know in some states, sex and BDSM can’t go hand in hand. It’s illegal. But our play sessions have always had happy endings. Until enforced chastity, that is.

As you know, Lion has been incredibly horny lately. Along the same lines as not playing every night, I’m wondering if I have to tease him every night to keep him interested. I really want him to be as horny as possible for as long as possible. Well, not as long as possible. Just until I decide I want to give him an orgasm. I’m not trying for any long term wait. I just want the heightened anticipation to last for a while. If I don’t play with him tonight, for example, will the need subside even slightly?

I like the idea of his being ready to go right out of the gate. I mean, right now, if I touch him Mr. Weenie springs to life immediately. He’s raring to go. Within a few minutes he’s bucking into my hand. I got him so close last night I thought he was going to cry. I like that. Even if I’ve told him there’s no way he’s coming, I want him to think I’ve changed my mind right up until the point that I stop; because he should never know if I’ve changed my mind until the point that I don’t stop.

Anyway, I’m just wondering if I’ll upset the apple cart by not teasing him for one night. Or even if I unlock him and tease him, but not right to the edge. Will that little break make him less horny? I was even thinking last night that I could find the nJoy butt plug and give him some anal action instead. Decisions, decisions. I guess I’ll stay the course for now. I really want a desperate Lion.

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    My opinion is leave him alone for 2 nights and play on the third. I don’t know anyone who gets arroused everyday except a 15 year old. And Lions orgasms are too frequent. No more than one every 3 weeks..
    He won’t be any less interested. Personally everyday of some stimulation would set in as a routine and that’s what sex should not be.

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