Possible Fixes

Just a short post for travel day. I think we may have made some strides in creating a camper routine. Unfortunately, this was the last trip. My goal now is to continue that at home. How do we do that? Good question.

It’s possible, maybe even probable, that we have to have a schedule as Lion suggested. At least until we work things out.  Perhaps we have a BDSM night or two built into the week. Perhaps we have a day off built into the week. Edging might be every night except for the night off. Maybe edging only happens Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I don’t know. I haven’t really put much thought into it. But I know we need to do something.

Or maybe we don’t. We were doing pretty well before Lion lost his job. We didn’t have a schedule and we weren’t necessarily playing every night, but we had some sort of routine going. I think Lion was happy with it. We need to get back to the way it was then.

It’s a long, seven hour drive home. I guess I’ll use part of that time to think about how to “fix” us. Not that there’s too much to fix. We just need to get back in the swing of things. Now that Lion has eased into the new job, I hope there won’t be any more surprises and stumbling blocks. Fingers crossed.