Breaking The Routine

Lately, I’ve been falling asleep when Mrs. Lion cuddles and fondles me. I’m sure she isn’t offended. It’s a sign of my comfort having her in my arms as well as pure exhaustion. I’m not very happy that I do this. I really want the sexual attention. We may need to start earlier. Generally, we eat, watch some TV, have desert, and then cuddle. Maybe we should put the “us” time earlier on our schedule. When we travel, our routine is a bit different. We sit in the living room and watch some TV, then go to the bedroom and make our activities the first thing we do. As I learned, it’s no guarantee that I won’t conk out, but the odds are improved.

I was thinking that when we are on vacation, we could play during the day when we happen to be in the camper or someplace we know we are alone. There is often a time between activities when we could do something. I don’t think we have a problem with prioritization. It’s more the way we interpret opportunity. At night, I am naked and in that sense, ready to go. During the day, chances are good I am dressed. Maybe Mrs. Lion doesn’t want me to go to the trouble of getting bare.

There is also the simple reality that play may not be on her mind at all. She may be focused on the other things she has on her agenda. That’s completely understandable. We may be associating sexual activity with “bed” too much. It may be a good idea to intentionally move sexual activity away from bed time and do it at other times of day.

Punishment also seems to fall into a similar routine. Generally, after Mrs. Lion has showered and we are both settling in, she will get the paddle and administer needed swats. Aside from the benefits of moving the punishment closer to the crime, it might also help if we make punishment a stand-alone activity that can be administered any time.

We tried punishment in semi-public a few months ago when Mrs. Lion spanked me in the family bathroom at a local supermarket. It was an uncomfortable experience for us both. We decided that particular venue didn’t work for us. Since Mrs. Lion carries her purse paddle with her, there may be other, less public opportunities we could try, particularly when we travel.

Regardless of that, I think it would be helpful to change things up a bit. Punishment, play, edging, even orgasms don’t have to happen when we are in bed at night. We don’t have kids around so there is no reason any time we are alone together can’t be used for these activities. Who knows, changing things up might even add some new excitement for us both. I’d like to try and see.