Putty in my Hands

I guess it still amazes me how much power I have over Lion. Not the ordering around go-get-me-a-drink kind of power. I mean sex. When he’s tree-humping horny, as he is now, it takes very little for Mr. Weenie to stand at attention. I like to say a stiff breeze will do it, but that’s not really true. It’s usually all me. It’s a good thing I like to tease him.

Last night Lion was bucking away in my hand before I brought out the Magic Wand. With his friend, the vibrator, he’s putty in my hands. Of course he is anyway. Even without the vibrator. But with the Magic Wand, he writhes and bucks. To no avail if I’m doing things correctly. And I did last night. I don’t think I quite got him to the dripping stage, but he was fairly incoherent for a few minutes.

I really like when he’s this horny. Not enough to keep him waiting for any extended length of time, but I do like his hardness and desperation. Lion thinks if I like him super horny, I should make him wait longer. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll stay desperately horny. At some point it will drop off. But even if it didn’t, he’ll be horny again at some point. Why make him wait? Especially when I love giving him orgasms more than I love how tree-humping horny he gets. I like to strike a balance between tease and deny and tease and satisfy.

Lion is a lucky, lucky boy.


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    Hi folks
    I just came across your blog while browsing the She-Held aggregate. I don’t know if you aware of my blog or not, hopefully you are. I just thought I would say hello anyway, and I will try and catch up on your blog now…
    Robert Anthony

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      Welcome! I’ve enjoyed your blog for a long time now. Glad you discovered us. Robert Anthony’s blog is here.

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