We’re off this morning for a long weekend trip. There’s only one more scheduled for Labor Day weekend and then we’re done for the season. My new job caused us to cancel a couple of trips, so this year we didn’t get out nearly as much as we have in the past. I don’t know if Mrs. Lion has her traveling toy bag in the trailer. If she does, I could be in for some interesting experiences this weekend.

It’s been a while since we’ve done any BDSM play. Spankings have all been of the punishment variety. One or both of us have been under the weather for over a month now. Combine that with my recent travels, there just hasn’t been the time or energy for play. Maybe that will change this weekend.

The last three nights have featured edging on a new level. Mrs. Lion has mastered the ability to get me to the absolute last stroke before ejaculation. At one point on Wednesday night I was sure I was going to have a ruined orgasm; but I didn’t.

Teasing like this is amazingly intense for me, especially when she repeats the build up over and over with very little break between edgings. I don’t know if I make any noise each time she stops just short of orgasm, but I may. I don’t know how I react. I am completely inside the experience.

Mrs. Lion wrote that I want her to wait longer between giving me orgasms. I’m torn on this subject. It’s true that I am not that fond of waits less than about five days. I like the way my desire builds and builds. After ten days or so, I start to get less horny. I’m not saying I stop wanting to come. Oh no! I want an orgasm badly; but not as badly as I did after waiting for 10 days.

Now that we are almost three-quarters done with our third year of enforced chastity, I’m much more aware of how I feel about living this lifestyle. I’ve learned that for me, at least, a week or two is a good wait. I might even suggest that two orgasms a month would be comfortable for me.

I like long waits much more than short ones. Orgasms every two or three days feel too frequent. I still don’t want to break any long wait records. I don’t see any particular virtue in longer and longer waits. I know some guys do. I just don’t. I really like very frequent teasing. The more frequently I am teased, the better I like it. It’s a good thing that Mrs. Lion enjoys teasing me.

Erections without orgasm are big fun for me too. If Mrs. Lion just randomly gets me hard and does just enough to keep me that way for a while, I like it. It demonstrates her control. This is especially true when I’m not particularly interested in sex at the moment. “Forcing” an erection is a clear demonstration of her power. She has the tools and techniques to do it even if I am in a terrible mood. In fact, times like those are the most intense expressions of her power over me. It teaches me that she can take what she wants, when she wants it. Even if I hate it at the time, I love the power exchange.


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    Based on your blog I would suggest that you likely want an orgasm every week and a half or so–and Mrs.Lion also loves your orgasms. She might actually like them more frequently. So I think she should make you wait between 7-14 days. However it doesn’t matter what I think and it doesn’t matter what you think. All that matters is what Mrs. Lion thinks.

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