Roaming Wild Lion

I’m back from my trip. It was great. I’m off again for a five day jaunt in two weeks. Suddenly I’m spending time on planes again. Since I haven’t traveled in a long time, I don’t have enough airline points for upgrades. So, I am doing the best I can for now. Flying truly sucks in coach. Every seat is filled. I feel like a veal in the cabin. Oh well. The destination makes up for it.

I’m wild for this trip. I don’t think it really matters at all. I have no interest in anything sexual. I’m not saying that I won’t be locked up at home, but I don’t think it is necessary to lock myself up when I reach a business destination.

Let’s face it. Locking myself up after landing would be more for me than for Mrs. Lion. If I can be trusted to lock and unlock myself, the cage doesn’t provide real security. He who has his keys can remove it for an interlude sub rosa. I just don’t feel like cheating. The main reason is that it will disappoint my lioness. Also, my word is my bond. So there is no chance I will jerk off.

We haven’t played in a long time. I’m hoping we will have the energy to make up for that over the weekend. I know Mrs. Lion has had similar thoughts. I may be feeling the sting of her paddle by Saturday night. We’ll see. She’ll probably have something to say about this in her post later today. In the meantime the wild lion roams.

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    When I travel, which I’ve been doing fairly extensively for a while now (hopefully to greatly lessen soon), I often bring along my chastity cage with a key. When I arrive, I put on the device and then find a way to stash the key somewhere at the work site so that when I return to the hotel at night, there isn’t any easy way to unlock myself.

    I don’t do this because my wife asks me to; rather, I find that I start to miss the heavy feel of the Lori tube – it’s a secure feeling, as well as a somewhat titillating one. And of course, after a few days lying alone in the dark in the middle of the night, there’s a strong temptation to play around a little bit…

    I’ve actually flown a few times while locked in the Lori device. The metal detector always catches it, but I also let the agent know in advance that I’ll probably trip the detector because of some “substantial body jewelry” that I can’t easily remove. Invariably, they give me a cursory pat down (which misses the groin area entirely) and I’m on my way. Surprisingly, I’ve always been given the all-clear by the millimeter-wave devices; in these cases, I suspect the hidden operator can see exactly what’s going on and so doesn’t flag me for further inspection at all.

    I’ll definitely admit, however, that the first couple of times I went through security were a bit stressful, and generally, our “inconvenient key” strategy seems to be perfectly adequate. As Lion pointed out, it’s more for me than her, anyway.

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