We are returning to “normal.” Let’s face it, normal for us isn’t normal for most people. Mrs. Lion is resuming our “normal” activities. I am looking forward to them. We aren’t sleeping well. Maybe it is the snoring. Whatever the reason, we have lower-than-usual energy. Enough whining.

This is the time of year that we get to use our “camper.” I can’t seriously call it that. It’s a centrally air conditioned suite with satellite TV and a fully equipped kitchen. We drag it behind a Ford 350 diesel. Essentially, we “camp” in a hotel suite that follows us where we go. Of course, the queen-sized bed is fitted with restraints and there is a bag of toys to torture me. Home away from home.

We haven’t made much use of the restraints, though usually once a trip Mrs. Lion will do some CBT or spanking. The camper bedroom doesn’t have a lot of extra room and it is more challenging to play there. During vacations we tend to be pretty busy exploring the local area where we are “camped.” So, by the time we get back to the camper, we are tired and just collapse into our recliners.

Last trip, Mrs. Lion put some clothespins on my balls. This trip, she suggested in a post, she plans to do some anal play. She also said that she plans to start before we leave on Friday. Anal stretching isn’t a bit comfortable, but it is certainly an activity that emphasizes who is the top and who is the bottom. It’s one of those things that are hot to think about, but a sure boner killer when I experience them.

Once I get used to a particular toy, Mrs. Lion can get me hard and even have an orgasm with the plug in place. That’s a relatively rare event. Most of the time I just endure with some discomfort until she removes it. She usually keeps the plug in place for one to four hours. When I am clearly squirming she will remove it. That means I spend almost the entire evening being acutely aware of the alien presence in my anus.

There are times when I just don’t want to deal with this discomfort. So far, Mrs. Lion has agreed to abstain on those occasions. I’m glad she can be so flexible. That doesn’t mean I get stretched only when I am in the mood. But it means that when I am tired or out of sorts, I have a chance to avoid the extra discomfort. Other times, when 2.0 is in charge, it’s “suck it up, buttercup” time in the lions’ den. Nothing is assured in a lion’s life.