Lion Torture

We took another night off from play last night. Lion isn’t much interested the day after an orgasm and we were both tired. It turns out we don’t do much better sleeping at home than camping. Some of it’s my fault. I’ve been snoring. For whatever reason, I can usually sleep through Lion’s buzz sawing, but he can’t sleep through mine. And sometimes the dog wakes both of us up with her snoring. Oh well.

Lion dutifully noted that he has twelve more days until he starts work. He’s like a little kid he’s so excited. I’m excited because it’s a real job. There’s no need to start the countdown to the end of the contract. Plus, Lion loves what he’ll be doing. That’s really the best part. Money and security are one thing, but if he’s happy at work, that’s a huge bonus.

And if he’s happy at work, he’ll be happy at home. There shouldn’t be any stress about playing. As you may recall, this unemployment time has been very stressful. We both went right into depression mode. Lion wasn’t really interested in playing and I didn’t want to push anything on him. So we didn’t do much. Thankfully, this time he hasn’t been out of a job for long. And he’s already starting to bounce back.

Along with starting play in general, I think it may be time to start anal play again. I don’t know about Lion, but I’m interested to see if we can get the larger nJoy butt plug in. It will take some time. It’s fairly large. It’s not something you just shove in.

It’s also time to get back into the swing of punishment again. I owed Lion some swats from Monday that I haven’t given him yet. I think tonight is the perfect time to catch up. And when his butt has recovered, I can edge him some more. I won’t promise him an orgasm tonight. I have been on an every other day schedule so far, but there’s nothing that says I have to continue down that path. On the other hand, I could try to give him two tonight. I just can’t decide. Lion torture is so much fun.

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    I’m glad that you remember his swats that are due him. My Queen knows that I enjoy the seats, so she doesn’t consider it punishment.

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