Ups And Downs

We got home late yesterday afternoon. Both of us were very tired. We don’t sleep very soundly in the queen-sized bed in our camper. I am not sure what the problem is, but something is wrong. Maybe as the summer goes on we will sleep better. I have no excuse to not sleep like a lion. I have no immediate worries and am extremely excited about starting my new job in thirteen days. Life is good here. We are off again this coming weekend. Busy summer.

Mrs. Lion offered me over two weeks of orgasm on demand. When I was not excited about the prospect, I think I confused her. She saw her gift as a super treat since it gives me all the sex I want for a while. I understand how I confused her. For me, Mrs. Lion’s sexual control is what I found most exciting. Offering me unrestricted orgasm feels like she is withdrawing the control that I love.

The implication of my reaction is that I don’t want more orgasms. Why else would I turn down the chance? I don’t know if more would make things better for me. I truly love it when I come, but I am not suffering terribly when I don’t. I admit that I am a little confused by this. Just as Mrs. Lion is confused by reaction, I am as well.

It could be that I’m emotionally worn out by recent stress. Sex stopped being a priority for almost two months while I worried about finding work. Mrs. Lion was worried too. One thing that is fairly unique about us is that Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex for herself. So, all of our sexual activity is for my benefit. I think that if we both were interested then when my interests wane, hers might be growing.

I hope that before too long that Mrs. Lion will regain her libido. In the meantime we suffer ups and downs based on my emotional condition.


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    Has your Lioness seen a doctor about her lack of interest in sex? Sometimes this is organic in nature and can be remedied easily. One of my greatest pleasures is giving my lady orgasms. If she didn’t care or want them I would be crushed.

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