Getting His Money’s Worth

We arrived home safely last night, unloaded the camper, and collapsed in the house. We were both very tired. We took turns driving on the way home. After dinner, however, Lion made it clear that he was horny. Normally, on a travel day, we don’t play since we’re tired. But we hadn’t played Sunday night so Lion was due.

It was nothing spectacular. I just used my hands. No clothespins, ropes or other toys. Just me and my little fingers. Lion wasn’t instantly hard. He’d had an orgasm just two days earlier. It takes a little while to rejuvenate. But does he have the luxury of time? When he forfeited his reward of choosing when to have an orgasm (and how many), he lost his ability to have a say in the matter. It’s all up to me. As usual, but this time with a bit of a twist. I know Lion loves orgasms. I know his optimum wait is three or four days. I know he can wait longer. I also know I don’t care. All-you-can-come is just that. It has nothing to do with optimums or abilities.

We’ve all been there. All you can eat buffet for $19.99. In order to get your money’s worth, you have to eat all you can. Dieting? Not that hungry? It doesn’t matter. Dessert? Yes, please! Even if you have to roll yourself out to the car afterwards, you’re going to eat as much as you can. So why wouldn’t Lion take advantage of that same principle? Well, I know why he wouldn’t. He wants me to decide. But he should still get his money’s worth. Make him wait? I can do that any old time. Go, go, go! I mean, come, come, come!! Let’s move. We’ve got things to do. So last night was, of course, another orgasm.

I don’t know if he thought I was going to give him one or not. I edged him a few times and got him very close. Almost too close once. And then I backed of to a very slow rhythm. I knew it would get him eventually. It doesn’t always need to be fast. Especially since I tossed in a few ball tickles for good measure. Lion loves to have his balls tickled right before he comes. But I didn’t do it right before he came. I just used it to get him closer. Even when he was in the throes of it, I maintained the slow, steady stroke.

And when he was done, I made him eat it. He hates the taste. I love it. Consequently he doesn’t get it often, which is fine by him.

So when is his next orgasm? Tonight? Tomorrow? The next day? Yes. One of them. All of them. I don’t know. But he will get his money’s worth.