Sexy Genes

Like many bloggers, I read what others are saying about FLR and enforced chastity. More and more I see pieces about cuckoldry. Most, as you might expect, are written by the cuckolds.  How much of what they write is true is anyone’s guess. I understand why some guys might want their dominant partner to have sex with other guys. It’s an extremely graphic demonstration of how unimportant the cuckolded male is.

Actually, cuckolding is observed in many mammals. A female selects a mate who is most likely to protect her and her young. But when she is in estrus, she looks for a male with “sexy” genes for a roll in the hay.  That male will be stronger, faster, and more attractive. The female has sex with him and then returns to her mate. This is an evolutionary strategy that serves two purposes: the “best” genes will reproduce and the young will have the best chance of survival. Nature doesn’t expect the desirable stay-at-home male to also possess sexy genes. This behavior has been observed in mammals from the smallest all the way to the most advanced primates.

This interests me because it provides some insight into why a female would want to find another male for just a short time; the typical cuckold scenario. From what I have read, in nature none of the cuckolded males are in the least cooperative in this female-initiated activity. A good deal of male fighting is based on the female flirting with a male who isn’t her mate. So, it could be said that females are disposed at certain times to look outside the relationship for some sexy genes. Males are not inclined to agree to their mates heading out for a quick fuck. That is another evolutionary adaptation. The male with sexy genes has to be able to cope with the cuckold male. In the case of lions, that can be deadly for one of the males.

It’s hard to find a natural reason for human males who not only accept but encourage cuckoldry. Since studies have shown that over 35% of married women have had extramarital sex, clearly the behavior is fairly common. Almost all that extra-marital sex is done without the knowledge of the male. Of course, males also cheat, but this post isn’t about that.

In the world of kink, the female’s hunt for sexy genes is not only tolerated, but encouraged by her mate. Cuckold fantasies rank right up there with enforced chastity. Some guys find fantasizing about  their mate being fucked by others very hot. If this fucking takes place with them witnessing  the fucking even hotter. Another characteristic of these stories is that the male who gets to do the fucking is almost always younger, stronger, and much more handsome than her mate.

I have no interest in cuckoldry. The idea doesn’t turn me on. I am monogamous. Happily my lioness is too.