Never Look Gift Orgasms in the Mouth

It’s clear that Lion and I have different views on things. I thought he would have fun with getting to have an orgasm any time he wanted. He sees it as a balance of power issue. He gave me the power and now he thinks I’m trying to give some of it back. I was thinking more along the lines of a kid, whose mother always fixes liver and onions or fish for dinner, being asked what he would like for dinner. Hamburgers, pizza, anything but liver and onions! OK. So Lion doesn’t want the ability to have as many orgasms as he can during that seventeen day period. That means I’ll have to take matters into my own hands. Or mouth.

When we first started enforced chastity, I gave Lion too much of a good thing. He had an orgasm every night. I don’t remember how far we got before he cried uncle. When I first moved in with him, he wanted an orgasm every night. He wanted to be played with and have an orgasm. Then we entered our slump. The dark days. He was lucky if he got an orgasm once a week. I never really kept track. I guess in the beginning of enforced chastity I was trying to make up for all the orgasms he missed during the dark days. I didn’t think of it that way, but it may have been in the back of my mind.

So what’s behind giving him as many orgasms as he wants for the rest of the month? His last unemployment that seemed to last forever took a lot out of us. Both emotionally and financially. For this unemployment, we slipped right back into that funk. This job he’s got is both full time (i.e. he won’t be constantly worrying about the contract ending) and amazing. He’s bouncing around the house because he can’t wait to start. Every day he finds a new tidbit of interesting information about the company. He’s excited and I’m excited for him. I thought the orgasms would be a good way to celebrate. No power relinquishing involved, in my mind.

However, if Lion has a problem with telling me he wants extra orgasms, then I’ll rescind my offer. I’ll just take the orgasms anyway. Whether he wants them or not. There, Lion, is that better? You have no more say in the matter. I’ll decide. Just lay back and relax with the knowledge that you won’t get more than seventeen orgasms in those seventeen days. Unless I decide to push for two in one day. Thirty-four orgasms? Hmmm….