Finding Cell Coverage is an Adventure

This is the longest camping trip we’ve taken. At this point, I think we’ve exhausted everything we can do in the immediate area. Well, not everything. Just everything we care to do. I doubt that will stop us from wandering around to find more interesting things. Wherever we go, Lion will be in his shock collar. He reminded me that I said he’d be wearing it yesterday. I don’t remember saying that, but today will work just as well. (As we were on the way to look for cell service I realized I forgot to tell him to put the shock collar on. When we get back he’ll wear it in the camper.)

Lion is under less pressure today. I was nice enough to give him an orgasm. He said I edged him so many times he wasn’t sure I’d actually give in. First he was sure he’d get one and then he was sure he wouldn’t. I’m glad. I like to keep him guessing. Unless I specifically tell him he’ll get to come, I want him to be unsure. I usually edge him a few times before I let him come anyway. That way I get more yummy creme filling.

I may have done a little more edging last night. I don’t think most of it took him right to the edge. I just wanted to tease him with a few strokes here and a few there. Of course, I was doing it orally so he was enjoying every second of it. I even nibbled on him a little bit. Nothing that would hurt. I was just trying to make him a little nervous. I’m not sure he even noticed.

We’re off to put our posts in where we can find cell reception. Then we’ll go off on an adventure of some sort. Who knows where we’ll end up?