Below The Waist

(Friday, July 1)  2.0 was true to her word. She used the meanest paddle and gave me a long, very-painful spanking. She took many opportunities throughout the day to remind me of what I had coming. I was dreading the inevitable. It was as painful as I imagined. I tried to turn over a couple of times. 2.0 just waited until I got back into position and calmly resumed her work. I was very glad when she was done. It took me a few minutes, but I remembered to thank her. After I was spanked, 2.0 got out the Magic Wand and edged me over and over. I thought I would get to finish. June 30 was my “maybe” date. Alas that wasn’t to be.

Vacation doesn’t mean FLR or enforced chastity are suspended. If anything, it gives Mrs.Lion more time to focus on my training. I am enjoying my vacation from my chastity device. I can pee standing up and morning wood really is morning wood. I like that. It feels nice against the sheet. When in the cage, there is no sensation on my penis. The cage insulates it from any contact with clothing or bedding. Now it is experiencing the real world. It’s a nice change. I also don’t need to “adjust” on the long, car trips.That’s not entirely true. Even being wild my balls can get twisted in my underwear and need rescue.

Speaking of underwear, I was sent an email from the Obviously underwear company in Australia. I wear their briefs that have a generous pouch in front. It provides a comfortable home for my caged penis. The email offered some discontinued underwear of the same model I wear at a crazy price. I could get anything they had left for $4.60 USD. This underwear normally sells for $21 a pair.

Naturally, I went to the site. I didn’t need any more briefs, but they had g-strings in the same line (nice pouch in front). I don’t know what possessed me, but I decided that it might be nice to wear a g-string sometimes. I reasoned that for less than five bucks a pair, I couldn’t lose. I also thought that wearing g-strings would make access to my bare cheeks easier for 2.0. So, I ordered some.

It turned out that once I got past the sensation of that cloth between my cheeks, it was very comfortable. That strip between my cheeks ended up preventing the underwear from riding down. I’ve had that problem with briefs for some time. I know, I know, lose weight and they might not ride down. Anyway, the g-string stays in place all day. Like the Jail Bird, it didn’t take long for me to completely forget there was something in my ass crack. Mrs. Lion hasn’t commented either way about how she things I look in them. Maybe I should ask her. Maybe I shouldn’t. Her normal view of me is without any clothes.

I may have been abusing my ability to wear a t-shirt when home or in the camper. I realize that I just put one on. The rule is that I can wear one if I am chilly, not “just because.” Since Mrs. Lion never asks me if I am really cold, I just assume she doesn’t care. I don’t think that is in the spirit of my rule. I will try to do better on my own and I hope she will ask me as well. If it turns out I am not cold, I suspect 2.0 will warm up an area the t-shirt doesn’t cover.

It surprises me that the paddle is so effective at teaching me. I suspect that it surprises Mrs. Lion as well. I don’t think either of us expected spanking to be effective modifying my non-sexual behavior. I think we both thought it was a kind of BDSM game. The nature of the rules I follow can give that impression. You know, don’t spill on my shirt, wait to eat, etc. These are fairly trivial rules. However, they work.

More recently, I get spanked for interrupting and for being annoying. It doesn’t happen much, but it is more frequent. I’m not sure if Mrs. Lion is just testing the water, but I think it is an indication that she has noticed how effective painful spanking has the potential of becoming. Part of me is happy she has a tool she can use for FLR if she decides to be more active at it. Another part of me really hates it for obvious reasons. It doesn’t matter, of course. I have no vote in any of this.