A Zapping We Will Go

Yesterday Lion did me a huge favor. He took my truck in for an oil change and I stole his car for the day. That may not seem like much of a favor, but the oil change dragged into a brake job and it took all day. We wound up getting home at the same time. And how did I repay him? By unlocking him and then getting engrossed in a TV show until it was late. We never played. We never even snuggled. But we did hold hands.

Tonight I’ve decided we’ll play Zapardy! It’s been a while since he’s worn the shock collar. Same rules as before: a zap for an incorrect answer and no penalty for no answer. I still haven’t figured out how to reward a correct answer. But I guess not getting zapped is a reward all on its own. I wondering if there’s a way to play Wheel of Fortune with the shock collar too. I’m sure I can figure it out given some time. Then Lion will have a full hour of potential zaps. Poor thing.

One thing I did manage to do last night was punish Lion for getting food on his shirt at dinner. It wasn’t necessarily as soon after as he’d like it, but it happened the same night. Much better than waiting until Thursday. Of course, Lion would prefer I forget all together. Our Lion bank has fallen by the wayside as I try to get the punishment closer to the crime. There really should be no reason to have designated punishment nights anymore. I think we’ll hang onto them until I get better at punishment as soon as possible. I’m definitely still a work in progress.

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