Google can point people to sites that talk about male chastity.
Google can point people to sites that talk about male chastity.

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion commented that my taste in ice cream and pizza are, well, vanilla. It’s true that I usually prefer vanilla ice cream. In fact, so does everyone else. It is the most popular flavor. It’s also the base for almost every other ice cream flavor, like chocolate. As far as pizza goes, don’t get me started. The original pizza, made in Naples, Italy, is none other than the Margaretta. This delight is crust, tomato, cheese and some fresh basil; no bacon, baby back ribs, salami, or chocolate ice cream on it. It’s clear that she an I have very different tastes, at least in food.

If we want to look further, you will find we don’t like the same TV shows, movies, theater, etc. We come from very different backgrounds; mine urban, hers rural. If it weren’t for the Internet, we never would have met. In fact, the main reason that pretty much everyone involved with enforced chastity came to learn of it via the Internet. In the dark ages before the Net, there were very few ways to learn about kink. If you were lucky enough to live in a big city, and you read the “underground” newspapers, you would have seen ads for kink organization meetings. By attending you would have learned about various kinks. However, to my knowledge, these meetings didn’t discuss or demonstrate enforced male chastity.

There is a good reason for this: Very few people are interested in doing this particular activity. There are two big “problems” with enforced chastity: For one thing, it is long term. Most D/S activity lasts a few hours to days at most. The vast majority of kinksters don’t want to make a full time commitment to their preferred activities. Enforced chastity expects a long term commitment and physical confinement of the penis. While the idea may be exciting to a lot of people, few are ready to actually do it.

The advent of the Web and search engines facilitated discovery of enforced chastity. I found it via a random search. I don’t remember what it was, but it turned up a site with lots of writing about male chastity. The idea and the hardware turned me on. Even with search, there isn’t much interest. For example, the term “spanking” or “spank” came up with over 11 million searches a month. “Chastity”, “chastity belts” and similar terms, on the other hand, yield less than 200,000 searches, less than 2% of spanking searches.

What this means is that our kink is largely unknown and unsearched. I think this will change over time. More and more mainstream media will take notice of enforced chastity and write about it. People who never even considered there is such a thing as enforced chastity will exercise their curiosity and read about what we do. Some will keep reading about the practice. A few will get a device and try it; and a small fraction of those people will add enforced chastity to their lives.

We’re having fun even if we are unpopular.