Some people got the idea that we were through with enforced chastity and done with this blog. Apparently my post yesterday gave that impression to a few people. This is not the case at all. The blog is alive and well and neither of us have any intention of stopping. There are times when things are difficult. But we don’t give up easily.

For us, enforced chastity isn’t just a kink we decided to try. It is an inherent part of our relationship. The question I posed was, what would happen if I lost interest in sex completely? As Mrs. Lion reported in her post yesterday, I haven’t. But even if I did, that wouldn’t be the end of the changes we have made. She remarked that if I had indeed lost all interest then the chastity device wouldn’t be needed. That’s true I suppose. But I don’t agree that it should go away. When are you married long enough to stop wearing wedding rings? You get the point. We don’t need the rings to know we are married. Nor do we need them to assure fidelity. We wear them because they are loving reminders of our commitment to one another.

If I don’t have the chastity device locked on, I am in no danger of having sex without Mrs. Lion. I’m well conditioned to keep my paws to myself. But I think the device is still required. It reminds both of us of my sexual surrender and reminds Mrs. Lion to attend to me as she sees fit. We have a female led relationship; at least our version of one. That, like enforced chastity, is about control. I think that the chastity device is part of that as well. The device is a powerful symbol of control. For me, at least, it also symbolizes Mrs. Lion’s more general control.

I’m not submissive and Mrs. Lion isn’t dominant. In fact, the reverse is the case. For reasons we have discussed in the past, reversing these roles serves us very well. It will be a long time, if ever, for us to naturally assume our new roles. The chastity device reminds us of our roles. We didn’t plan this. But we both realize that we need a very real symbol of control to keep us “honest”. So, the device remains locked on my penis whether or not it is strictly necessary. And the key hangs around Mrs. Lion’s neck, at least when she goes out. It turns out that the Jail Bird is both a practical device to keep me under sexual control as well as a powerful, irremovable symbol of Mrs. Lion’s control of me.

Rumors that we are done with this blog and enforced chastity are extremely premature. I’m securely locked up and committed to enforced chastity and FLR. We are also going to be right here sharing our adventures with you.


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    This is so inspiring for me to start a new adventure! I cannot tell you much this gives me goose bumps and yes, an erection. I know time is on my side to win over my wife to my enforced chastity.

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    My suggestion to Late Bloomer is to get his wife reading your blog. There are other good blogs out there but yours is amongst the best. And consistently written each day. I can almost set my watch by you!

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    I didn’t get that impression lion. I’m glad that y’all are here. 1.5 stated that we have been in a lul as well, but for me, reading your blog keeps our flm in the forefront of my mind. I’m happy that you wrote this post as I’m sure a LOT of ppl read it like me, religiously. Thank you for sharing.bloomer, I agree with michael, show her this blog, it helped 1.5 to start our flm and chastity.

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