A Normal Weekend With the Lions

I considered giving Lion an orgasm last night. I was using the Magic Wand and that usually makes him very excited. His scheduled date was the 26th, but he had an orgasm on the 22nd. He hasn’t exactly been waiting a long time. Plus, I figured, since we have three full days together, it would be silly to give him an orgasm and make him less horny before the weekend even starts. I could be torturing him on those three days. Duh! So I got him close. Very close. And then I left him hanging. At some point today, I will resume the torture.

Generally, knowing something is coming excites Lion. I don’t know if it’s as exciting if he doesn’t know exactly what’s coming though. For example, if I tell him he’ll be tied to the bed today, his mind is off and running. He loves being tied up. And to some extent, if I tell him he’ll have the shock collar on, he’ll be excited. If I tell him diapers are coming, he may not be as excited, but he still likes to know I’ll be asserting my authority over him. If I just say we’ll be playing later, I think it’s too vague for him to get worked up about. I need to engage his mind before I engage any naughty bits. This is sort of a disadvantage to me. I may be perfectly willing to tie Lion to the bed and make his cheeks a lovely rosy red when I think about it at 10 am. However, as the day goes on, I may be less and less inclined to do it. But I already told Lion I would. And he’s been thinking about his wonderful warm butt all day. So when I don’t do it later on, he’s disappointed and I’ve let him down again. That’s why I try to keep things vague.

I’m also running into another problem. It may not be a problem at all, but I’m perceiving it as one at the moment. When Lion is less interested in sex, I don’t want to do play that he doesn’t like. But if I make him do things he doesn’t like, I am taking control which is what he wants. For example, if I pull out the Velcro he makes a face and I’m concerned he won’t be able to get hard because he hates the Velcro so much. But who cares if he likes the Velcro or not? If I say we’re using Velcro, then we’re using Velcro. That’s 2.0 logic. If she’s around there’s no problem. If it’s just 1.0 around, she wavers. I need to figure out a way to flip a switch and make 2.0 come out.

For now, I’ll just say that Lion is in for more play over the course of our three day weekend. He may or may not have an orgasm. There will definitely be pain involved. And there will be pleasure involved. Actually, it’s just a normal weekend with the Lions