Ruined orgasms sometimes occur accidentally. Mrs. Lion gave me one a few nights ago. Some say that a ruined orgasm is just a more violent form of edging. The people who say that a ruined orgasm is just edging gone wild also say that, like edging, they are ready for more action within a very short time after the semen is done dripping out. The ruined orgasm doesn’t make them a bit less horny.

That hasn’t been my experience at all. Almost as soon as the weak ejaculation is finished, I lose my erection and interest in sexual activity. I’ve reported this in the past and I assumed that if Mrs. Lion continued to stimulate me, the erection would return and we could go on as usual. However, since we never tried that, we don’t know.

A few days ago 2.0 went a bit too far with edging and I had that ruined orgasm. No big deal. The next night when she wanted to play, I was not horny at all. We blamed it on my allergies, which were acting up a bit. The next night I was interested again; not tree-humping horny, but we had fun. More about that later.

Finally that light bulb over my  head lit up. For me, ruined orgasms affect me exactly the same way a full, fun orgasm does. The night after, I am not very interested in sex. Every night after that my interest grows until about the tenth day when it levels off and begins to decline. True to form, the night after the ruined orgasm I was not very horny. The next night I was much more interested in sex. If I’m right, I will follow my normal post-orgasm pattern.

This isn’t a big revelation, I know. But it is significant for us. If Mrs. Lion wants me to wait until I reach the peak of ripeness, she will have to restart her lion orgasm clock when I have a ruined orgasm. Of course, I might be wrong. Now that she is aware of my theory, Mrs. Lion might want to test it. This isn’t as easy as you might think.

I don’t know when I have reached the peak of my desire. It’s true that I have observed I am more easily distracted by sexual thoughts the longer I wait. That’s true until it isn’t. At some point I find myself less interested in things sexual. From my perspective, this interest or loss of it, is not linear. Some days I feel very horny, the next I might not. However, taken as a whole, my desire for sex does follow the pattern I mentioned earlier. Does that mean I will have to wait at least nine days after the ruined orgasm? That would put me over a week past my “maybe” date.

Also in the news, 2.0 came out to play Friday night. She put clothespins on my balls: easy-to-take wooden ones, and very painful big plastic clothespins. She masturbated me between applying the pins. When I complained that the plastic ones hurt a lot, she just agreed that they must hurt a lot; no sympathy from 2.o. The entire CBT and edging session proceeded according to 2.0’s plan. My reactions may have been noted, but they didn’t change anything. That made things more intense for me. 2.0 is taking over and she doesn’t care if I like the change or not. I did ask for this. But like punishment, the reality is not always as hot as the anticipation and the memory.


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    It’s always interesting to read about the progress of 2.0 that you are reporting here. Thank you for sharing!

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    Wow. Are you really THAT stupid? This is passive-aggressive jealousy at its absolute worst. You’re jealous because you think a woman’s capacity for pleasure is infinitely more than a man’s. Wake up, be a man, take some action. It’s fucking 2016 and word is finally getting out that men can have multiple, full-body orgasms. I guarantee that once you experience them, you will shove your so-called “lover” out the window and never look back. But you have to actually DO something about it. Re-claim your damn birthright! Don’t be a fucking ninny!

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      Drew, why don’t you tell me how you really feel. I don’t think I ever said any of the things you attribute to me. Thanks for taking the time to write.

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