Up the Creek with Many Paddles

silicone slapper
This is the silicone slapper that we ordered. It is only 10 1/2 inches long so it will conveniently fit purse or car. Click the image to visit the selling web site.

Yesterday I browsed some websites for new paddles. I was looking for one that could fit in my bag so Lion’s buns can potentially be whomped when we’re out and about. I found a few nice ones, but ultimately I decided I’ll use the hairbrush without the bristles. It’s small enough but still one mean little sucker.

I showed Lion the other paddles I found and I think he ordered a few of them. One is a silicone slapper with different textures on the ends. I’m not at all sure the textures will be a factor but it looks nasty. Another one I found is leather and has metal studs on it. I’m fairly sure Lion will feel those studs. The slapper is short and the leather one is longer. Both can cause a lot of trouble for a Lion butt.

I whomped that Lion butt last night for being grumpy Sunday night. I know he thinks I let my friends disrespect me, but I see Sunday as being mostly my fault. I should have double checked the meeting place. I shouldn’t have waited so long to verify things. And just because I hate to be late to meet people, that doesn’t mean other people aren’t consistently late meeting me. Maybe it’s a character flaw, but not everyone is on time. Sometimes I have to light a fire under Lion’s butt to get him moving so we’re not late. My version of being on time is being at least fifteen minutes early. Most people don’t share that view.

studded leather paddle we ordered. this will definitely get lion's attention. it's nearly 15 inches long. click image to visit selling web site.
Studded leather paddle we ordered. This will definitely get Lion’s attention. It’s nearly 15 inches long. Click image to visit selling web site.

So Lion got his buns roasted fairly early in the evening. He wondered if that meant he would be getting a second round of swats later on. No. I just wanted to make sure there was a separation between punishment and play. Sometimes I do them too close together and I worry the pain from the punishment blurs into the play. Not that I usually do spanking on punishment nights, but if he’s distracted by the pain of the swats while I’m trying to do something else, he can’t pay attention to the clothespins or whatever I’m doing.

I’m also going to work on doing the punishment closer to the crime. That won’t always work, but we can try. Ironically, I almost had Lion put the shock collar on before we went out Sunday. I could have zapped him at the first sign of trouble. Unfortunately I decided to be nice. I guess I was in 1.0 mode even though, in the back of my mind, I knew I needed to be in 2.0 mode. Live and learn.