New Hardware

lion's second chastity cage
My second cage. This one is a much better fit. click here to see me modeling it on my penis.

Almost a month ago I discussed being caged with Mrs. Lion. After rolling her eyes, she said, “Well, if you want to.”

I had been studying various sites that sell lion cages. I had ordered a few for evaluation that had urethral tubes; these are hollow tubes that are inserted a couple of inches into the urethra. The idea appealed to me because one of the big problems I have always had with devices I tried was peeing. I could always pee sitting down, but I like the convenience of using a urinal. With the urethral tube, I reasoned, the flow would be directed out of the cage and make peeing standing up a real possibility. When the devices arrived, I had a bit of discomfort inserting the tubes, but it was minor and went away almost immediately.

The cages performed as advertised. I only wore each for a few hours. The idea of having that foreign body (the tube) in my urethra 24/7 worried me. While there was no danger of bladder infection; the tube is too short to get anywhere near the bladder, there was the real possibility of irritating or infecting my urethra. For that reason I decided that if I wanted to be caged full time I needed a model that didn’t include the urethral tube. I measured carefully and determined that I am two-inches-long when flaccid. That is smaller than average. Most of the devices I tried had cages at least three inches long. There was a lot of room between the tip of my penis and the end of the cage. This made peeing very messy and aesthetically wasn’t all that appealing.

I found an imported cage that claimed to be 1 1/2 inches long. This would be about right for me. It’s always better to have the cage between 1/4 and 1/2 inch shorter than your measurement. That assures your little mouth will always be against the end. It actually feels better as well as being a lot less messy in the bathroom. The cage, when it arrived was really only a bit over an inch long and about an inch in diameter. I could get in it without pain, but skin leaked out all over the place (If you would like to see how I looked in it, click here). I soon discovered that the skin escaping from the cage would be pinched by the lock as it moved. It worked and I got used to it, but it didn’t really fit. I knew this was temporary anyway. I ordered a Mature Metal Jail Bird cage, but they take six to eight weeks for manufacture. I figured I could endure the too-small cage that long.

It didn’t take long to realize that wearing the tiny cage would be very difficult for eight weeks, so, back to the Internet. I found another imported cage. Several companies offered the same cage. I could tell by examining the photos. Every offering specified a different cage length. They ranged from 2 inches to 3 1/2. After examining the photos, I decided the real length was probably closer to two inches. So I ordered one. It arrived yesterday.

The new cage is actually very close to two inches long measured along the bottom. Since I measured my cock along the bottom, it looked like this cage could really fit. The diameter was around 1 1/2 inches. I am a bit less than that. I followed good sanitation and boiled the cage for ten minutes. I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me into it. To my delight the new cage is a pretty good fit (click here to see me modeling it). The little mouth doesn’t always stay pressed between the bars, but it can’t recede more than a half inch or so. Most of the time it is right where it belongs. The spacing of the bars is very good so it doesn’t try to bite the cage (when it does that, pee sprays everywhere). The cock and ball ring is the same 1 3/4 inches I have been wearing. All in all, it is a good fit and I will be comfortable until the Jail Bird arrives.

While many fantasies center around uncomfortable cages, the reality is that I am locked in here all the time; at work, driving, at the theater, at home, and sleeping. An uncomfortable fit is very distracting and can ruin a night’s sleep. Another big fantasy item is “punishing” the penis if it tries to get hard. Pretty much every male gets at least one erection in his sleep. If it hurts to get hard,  you will be awakened several times a night. Mrs. Lion gave the new cage the tease test. She stimulated me until my little cock was pressing hard against the bars. No pain. It felt fine. I was frustrated, but not in pain. Enough teasing and I end up involuntarily teasing myself for hours, trying to get hard over and over with no stimulation. Cruel Mrs. Lion!

I love it.