Pushing Lion

Lion loves bondage. And spanking. And CBT. And anal activities. Lion hates diapers. And nail polish. And raisins. Obviously I can use the first set as rewards, of a sort. The second set can be used as a threat, as punishment, or as a show of power.

Last night, after I did some maintenance spanking, after the nJoy butt plug was out, I used some clothespins on Lion’s balls. When I first took out my bag of tricks, I asked what he would like to play with. First I took out the Velcro. No. He didn’t want to play with that. OK. I didn’t either. I took out a plastic clothespin. No. He didn’t want that. OK. I took out a wooden, no frills clothespin. He said that was fine. He wouldn’t mind that. OK. I proceeded to take out some wooden clothespins. Then I took out a plastic one and told him since I had it in my hand we’d have to use it. A few more wooden. Another plastic. Oops. Another wooden. Another plastic.

I started with a few of the wooden, maybe three, before I put on a plastic. I wasn’t going to use many plastic, but I wanted him to wonder. I wound up only using two plastic ones in the midst of about ten wooden. It certainly wasn’t the most he’s taken. I was trying to replicate the edging we did last week when I edged him and took a clothespin off. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as horny last night as he was last week. What i did notice, as I was edging him, is that he had two pink clothespins on. And we have the same shade of nail polish. I told him I could give him matching toes. Planting the seed that he may have girly toenails in his future. Or not. Sometimes the threat is enough.

The other thing I did last night that may have surprised Lion, is when he asked how long the butt plug would stay in. I don’t normally have a time in mind. I think once I did decide he should hold it for two hours, but I usually wait until he starts squirming. When he wondered how long, I told him he’d have it in until I decided it was time to take it out. He doesn’t often ask and I wondered what prompted it, but I also didn’t have any answer for him. Later on, when he said it was starting to bother him, I decided he should hold it longer. Not much longer, but longer, because that’s what 2.0 does. She’s a bitch and not really into his comfort. He wants her to push him so she pushes him.

I wonder what 2.0 has in store for Lion this weekend. I’m sure Lion will be both uncomfortable and happy.


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    1. Author

      Lion hates raisins. If he had a safe word, that would probably be it. He makes a great face when I suggest he eat one. It’s always good as a threat.

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