No, Not The Comfy Chair!

There is a significant difference between a keyholder and a caged male. No, not the obvious top/bottom, dom/sub difference. It’s much more profound. Enforced chastity is a 24/7 proposition for the male. My genitals are locked up whether or not my keyholder is present, involved, even thinking about the fact I am caged. That chastity device is my constant companion. It gets in the way when I pee. It occasionally demands I adjust it when it pinches. I can’t forget it’s there. Ever.

My keyholder, Mrs. Lion, on the other hand, only needs to consider enforced chastity when she wants to interact with my penis. In her post yesterday, she talked about the authenticity of her role. She equated herself to an actor playing a doctor in a commercial. “I’m not a real doctor. I play one on TV.” She puts her 2.0 hat on when she wants to play with me or act as my disciplining wife. It seems to make her feel that her role is artificial.

It’s not. It’s a role she assumes with me. It’s no different than her role as my wife; or her role as a worker. She has lots of hats that she metaphorically wears. Disciplining wife or keyholder is just as real as the others. I wear lots of hats too. I’m her husband, a professional, a photographer, a man, and a caged male/disciplined husband. The only hat that I can’t remove is the caged male hat.

I think that my lioness worries a bit too much about what to do with me. We do have a house full of toys she can use. That doesn’t mean she can’t have a problem coming up with an activity she wants to do with me. When I was topping, I often fell into a rut of repeating the same things. It takes less energy to repeat something familiar. For the record, I am not adverse to repeating things.

There is one thing I have learned that made my top hat (see what I did there?) easier to put on: I played not only with different activities, but with intensity. If we have ten paddles, switch up, try the tawse, use the other hand, spank the head of my cock instead of my butt. We have endless butt plugs and dildos. Each is a different challenge for me. You get the idea.

Let’s face it, there are only so many ways to do BDSM play and so many ways to tease and edge me. I do like some variety. When I know that I have no choice and that 2.0 will “train” me to take what she chooses to inflict, I get turned on. While she is actually doing it, I even get aroused with a little help. The key to making my heart go pitty pat is the loss of control.

Taking control from me isn’t easy. I can be scary when pushed hard.  But when my growls do no good,  I get the most excitement. Forcing me to be docile has enormous effect on me. I’m very independent and stubborn by nature. I try my best to help Mrs. Lion top me. I work to avoid resisting. But let’s face it, this lion is not submissive. That makes me a lot more work to handle than one that is. I’m grateful she thinks I am worth the bother.