2.0 certainly keeps Lion on his toes. He knew he’d have the nJoy in his ass last night. And he knew he’d have maintenance swats last night. But he didn’t know he would have an orgasm. In all fairness, 2.0 didn’t plan it. She was happy edging him with the Magic Wand. Then she realized that, with the butt plug still inside, Lion would have a much more difficult time having said orgasm, so she decided he needed one. Plus she made him eat his semen. He hates that.

Even this morning he’s surprised by the orgasm. Pleasantly, I’m sure, but still surprised. He says 2.0 can’t be predicted. Exactly! And don’t you forget it. I think the biggest thing is that 2.0 did it because it was more difficult with the butt plug in. 1.0 may have taken pity on Lion, but 2.0 looks for ways to make his life difficult. Is she nice to Lion sometimes? Of course! Actually she’s always nice to Lion. It just comes in the form of discipline or pushing him to do things he really wants to do at a time when he may not really want to do them. While 1.0 might have taken an orgasm because she wanted to taste Lion, 2.0 takes an orgasm because she wants Lion to taste it. And because she wants to keep Lion off balance.

Yesterday we were discussing how many orgasms he should average per month. I think he said January and February he averaged five orgasms a month. For March it was four. I think last night threw a monkey wrench in that average. Too bad. 2.0 is not beholden to some average. She’s going to do what she wants. Schedule be damned. [Lion — Actually I had 5 in January, 4 in February, and 3 so far in March]

Who knows what tonight holds. I think Lion will probably have some more anal training. He’ll probably have some more maintenance swats. Maybe he’ll be edged. I haven’t heard the Lion weather report yet. I’m assuming is will be cool after last night’s activities. But just like you can never assume what 2.0 will do, I can’t assume what Lion will do either.


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    He will get used to eating his own semen. I know i have gotten used to eating my semen.

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