The essence of a good story is change. Boy meets girl. Girl hates boy. Boy wins girl. Happy ending. No one will read or watch a story that goes nowhere. There’s a reason we like stories that show change. It’s because we hope for a life filled with exciting changes. Sadly, as we age, most of us learn that change is rarely good news. We lose a job. A family member dies. A love that burned brightly is quenched by anger and jealousy. Of course, in the movies a new job is found, love is restored and everyone is happy.

Our readers tell us that what they like most about our blog is that they like to see what we are going to do next. Maybe we’ve unintentionally become a soap opera; as Mrs. Lion called it, “As the Lion Squirms.” Our lives don’t play like a continuing drama. We are very happy with each other and angst isn’t really a feature of our lives. Even when we have to deal with adversity, we are together and do our best to keep things going. In fact the most important pronoun to us is “we” because that defines our relationship.

Enforced chastity and FLR, in particular, is less about “us” and more about “her.” That just doesn’t fit the way Mrs. Lion and I like to relate. I’ve asked her to have power over me that she never said she wanted. I’ve been thinking about how our story has changed. As I mentioned, we started because enforced chastity is something I wanted to try. We tried it and fit it into our lives. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, it changed us. The transfer of sexual control to Mrs. Lion made it easier for us to relate sexually. Mrs. Lion had lost interest in sex some years ago. Enforced chastity gave her a way to be sexual with me without the pressure of an unwanted orgasm for her.

As we became more comfortable with this power exchange, I started to see that broadening Mrs. Lion’s power could help develop a safe environment for her to feel comfortable letting me know what she wants. It also could let her exercise control over me outside of the bedroom and improve the way I relate to her.

That’s what started us on FLR a year ago. Like enforced chastity, it started as a largely-artificial power exchange. Mrs. Lion made rules for me to follow. They are things like not spilling food and waiting for her to start eating before I do. Not earth shaking, but reasonable. A little later she added a rule that I not interrupt her. This is the first rule that covered something I do that bothers her. Enforcement was spotty at best. It was very rare that she enforced the no-interrupting rule. Since that was the rule most important to her, I imagine it signaled that she hadn’t internalized her power.

On January 20, 2016 Mrs. Lion announced Lioness 2.0. In her post that day, she told the world that she had turned a corner. 2.0, as she calls herself, vowed to be less interested in what I want and more interested in what she wants. She would punish until she was satisfied she made her point. She would give me orgasms when she decided she wanted to. My suggestions, while listened to, would not govern her behavior.

Since then, she has begun to fulfill her promise. When we play, she continues until she wants to stop. When she pegs me, even though I am obviously uncomfortable, she continues. The same is true of spanking and CBT. We have a penny bank where she makes deposits when I break a rule. Each penny is a number of swats on punishment day (every Monday and Thursday). She even punished me once for interrupting. I’ve interrupted a lot more than that, but it’s progress. 2.0 is more a direction than a finished product. According to her, she will continue getting stricter and more directed in my “education.”

Interestingly, our relationship hasn’t changed in most ways. The “we” is still there. The difference now is that we agree that she has the final vote in all things. I love the changes 2.0 is making. She can see that I am happy by how horny I have been. That’s the most visible indicator, but inside I am happy and comfortable too.