Up Another Notch

Since we are into our third year of enforced chastity, I was pretty sure that we wouldn’t change much.  But things are definitely changing in the lions’ den. Thursday night, 2.0 gave me a maintenance spanking. I liked it.  I usually hate them. Then, later in the evening she unlocked me, commanded me to get hard (which I did with some help from her hand), and she lubed me up. Oh, I should mention that after the spanking she inserted the Njoy butt plug which remained in place about 90 minutes.

Anyway, with a silicone-lubed penis ready for her attention, 2.0 edged me. This edging is different than she had done in the past. Each time I was sure she would let me come. Each time she stopped right at the very edge of orgasm. She didn’t give me any rest. She began again as soon as the danger of me coming receded a bit. This went on and on. I was humping air. Some of the time she maintained a light grip and I humped her hand. She always let go before I could get off. I have no idea how many times she brought me to the edge. eventually she stopped. The entire session couldn’t have taken more than fifteen minutes but it felt like hours. As soon as I calmed down, she told me to put my base ring back on and then she locked me up. 2.0 only leaves me wild just long enough for her to take care of business; then I’m back in the cage.

It’s only been nine days since my last orgasm, but it feels like a very long time. I wonder about my personality changes during these very horny waits. Other couples report that the male becomes more gentle and manageable. Am I? One change that I can detect is that I like that I am being spanked. I’m not talking about the play spankings where I am uncaged and hard as I am paddled. I’m talking about the maintenance and punishment spankings that I hate. I find myself wanting her to administer them as often as possible. I want to feel her control and authority.

I think this is related to the stricter 2.0 and the much more intense and consistent edging she provides. 2.0 is much more direct with me. When she unlocks me, she gets right down to business and when she is done, locks me up immediately. She wastes no words when she wants to spank me. Just, “Roll over,” and off she goes. I have been getting on my hands and knees for spanking so that she has an easier time finding the spots she wants to hit. She hasn’t asked me to do that. It just seems like the right thing to do.

2.0 has been threatening to punish me at the time I commit an offense. I believe that will further increase my feeling of being controlled. It feels to me like the baby steps are over and 2.0 is proceeding as she wishes without too much consideration of whether or not I will like what she is going to do or make me do. It’s what I asked for. It seems to be working well.

I only have one suggestion for her (uh oh, Lion is at it again): When I display grumpy behavior, I think it means I need immediate correction. I need to be kept in the here and now and not allowed to recede into self pity or impatience. Impatience, in particular, needs strong correction. I don’t like that I can be that way and I know it upsets Mrs. Lion. 2.0, it’s time for direct consequences, I think. Of course, she will do exactly what she wants. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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    Of course you realize that you have told 2.0 she should do something… I find myself grinning but we’ll see how 2.0 responds. Hope you both is wonderful weekend now that you’re almost fully recovered from your illnesses.

    1. Author

      I didn’t do a “should” but a suggestion. She emailed me that she will consider my request. I am very careful to avoid use of “should”. Forgetting gets me a painful spanking.

    1. Author

      Yes, thanks. We aren’t totally well, but good enough for 2.0 to get back to work on me.

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