Lion is horny. I know that’s not really a news flash. Yesterday was the magical day five of his wait. He thinks he’s horniest on that day. He was already well on his way to getting hard as soon as the cage was off.

I tied his balls so they would bounce as I jerked him off. It’s just a small example of the bondage he loves so much. And it’s the nicest thing in my bag of tricks. The rest is mostly Velcro and clothespins. The rope also allows me to pull him in one direction while I jerk him off in the other. Sort of a conflict of interest. It feels so good to have his balls yanked, but the cock feels so good too.

Then I decided to suck on him. A while ago he said he liked the idea of my asking him if he wanted to come. When he said he did, he thought it was hot to be told he couldn’t. Well, if it’s not his day…. So I got him all hot and bothered and asked if he wanted to come. Very silly question. He was practically jumping off the bed trying to come. I asked him a few times and each time he couldn’t get “Yes” out fast enough. Poor Lion. Oh so close. But no. No orgasm for Lion. Buh, buh, buh.

When we were snuggling afterwards, he said he wondered what he could do to bribe me into letting him come. What an interesting idea! I wonder too. Not that I want him to do it. There’s nothing I want. It’s not like he could show up tomorrow with a diamond necklace and have me rip the cage off to give him an orgasm. Even plane tickets to Hawaii wouldn’t do it. 2.0 has her own agenda. When it’s time, she’ll allow the orgasm. Does that mean he can’t have one early? 2.0 can do whatever the heck she wants. I don’t think anyone wants to tell her she can’t give him an orgasm when she feels like it. Could it be tonight? Sure. If the mood strikes her. Could she hold off until the 23rd or later? Absolutely. She delights in her torture of Lion. And she’s working on perfecting the almost, not quite there technique of edging. How far can she push him before it’s a ruined orgasm? She wants to get him to the point that he’s positive she’ll keep going, and then stop to watch him squirm. One more stroke might just do it. But it’s not to be.

On the flip side, I know how to bribe Lion. At least right now. I could probably ask for anything in return for an orgasm. Just sayin’. [Lion — Name it!]