Many years ago I got a fortune cookie with a message that changed my life. Generally cookie fortunes are silly. This one was profound. It read, “The secret of patience is finding something else to do in the meantime.” Wow! That was a revelation. I know, it’s obvious. It was something I never really thought about. But when I cracked open that cookie I guess I was in a receptive mood.

As a result of that coconut-flavored revelation, I made some changes. For example, I’ve always hated winter and looked forward to the warmer months. So, I took the cookie’s advice and learned how to ski. Now I had something to do until my beloved warm weather returned. The cookie was right! It worked. I began enjoying winter. So it went. Every time I had to wait for something I found something else to do in the meantime.

After we began enforced chastity, I employed this tried-and-true technique to help me. I worked hard to distract myself from the need for sexual release. I wrote. I read. I worked. In this case the fortune cookie was wrong. When I’m in heat I can’t find things to do in the meantime.

I hear you saying, “Well you asked for this, you silly lion.”

I did. So, you continue, “That means you must either like to be sexually frustrated or you are a masochist.”

I’ll get back to you with an answer to that one. Are those the only two reasons I would want this? Actually, I think there is a third: I actually get more sexual attention than I did before we started this.

“Lion, are you serious? You walk around wishing for an orgasm you can’t have but you say you get more sexual attention? Maybe there is a third option for you: you’re crazy.”

I knew you’d think that. You see, before we started enforced chastity, Mrs. Lion and I had reached a sexual impasse. For reasons you can learn if you read back to the beginning of all this (2014), once ever month or two Mrs. Lion would give me a handjob. It wasn’t her fault. She was upset that I didn’t initiate and I felt blocked. It was the only part of our marriage that was a problem. We have always been best friends and love each other most of all. The sex had stopped.

So, a couple of times a week I would masturbate. I didn’t particularly enjoy it, but it took the edge off. I badly missed the physical closeness with my lioness. When I asked her to lock me up it, I hoped that her control would bring us together sexually. It worked. So, I traded sexual satisfaction for a new chance at sexual intimacy.

Does that sound crazy? It sort of felt crazy in the beginning. But that changed. Mrs. Lion (1.0) found herself enjoying the changes enforced chastity brought us. When that happened, things changed subtly. She began enjoying my frustration and went out of her way to be sure I was horny.

With each passing month my ability to influence early orgasm diminished. Now, I have no influence at all. I wait as long as 2.0 wants me to wait. The fortune cookie no longer works. I almost constantly want to come and I can’t find anything to do in the meantime.