We lost power yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. There was a lot of wind around the Northwest. For some reason, we are always the last to get power back. It’s still off 24 hours later. Current estimates are for midnight tonight. So, I’m writing on my laptop using cell phone data. We’ve both been sick and haven’t had a lot of extra energy. As a result, we haven’t done much sexually. Of course, I remain locked up.

Last night, to my surprise, 2.0 got out the lion-proof safe and got the key to my cage. She unlocked me and edged me several times. Oh boy did I want to come! But that wasn’t in the cards. Between our fireplace and a propane heater we’ve been warm and cozy; and one of us very horny.

Mrs. Lion isn’t posting again today. She is feeling  better today, but is still wiped out. It’s pretty tiring to recover while dealing with an extended power outage. I’m hoping that tonight the power will be back, both electrically and with 2.0.


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    Several years ago we lost power for a week, after that i installed a generator. Best thing i ever did. The fireplace is nice but, losing heat & food storage is a major problem. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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      We have a generator. We also have an all-electric house and we can’t afford a generator that would power the heat pump. We have an 8,000 watt generator that covers the refrigerator, freezers, and satellite TV. We use the fireplace and a propane heater to keep warm. Works well. We also have an electric range so no chance we can use that. Still, we are not huddled in the dark freezing.

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