She Says I’m Crazy

Mrs. Lion thinks I’m crazy. I discovered this when I read something she wrote on social media. She said that she was doing well even though housebound, explaining that she lived with a nice dog and a crazy man. I’m paraphrasing everything except “crazy man”. After I read that I asked her if she really thought I was crazy. She said, “Oh, yes.”

I didn’t pursue the topic further. I’m not sure I’m ready to hear her analysis of why I’m in need of psychological help. I know she believes I have strange sexual interests. They’re not strange to me but I’m willing to admit some other people might find them a bit off-center. I like to think that I’m ahead of my time. After all, I haven’t had pubic hair in 25 years. It’s only been within the last decade that other men have finally realized the value of grooming “down there”.

I’m not sure that male domestic discipline will catch on the same way. I don’t think it’s crazy for me to want it. After all, I think I have good reasons. For one thing, I find thinking about being spanked hot. It gets me aroused imagining myself paddled. It also gets me aroused remembering the last time I was. Maybe I am crazy. It’s no fun at all while it’s going on.

There’s no doubt that she thinks I’m crazy because I want her to make me wait for sexual satisfaction. A sane man wouldn’t want that, would he? Wouldn’t a normal guy get angry if his partner repeatedly brought him to the edge of ejaculation and then stopped? He’d almost certainly take things into his own hands if she did. I’m not allowed to.

Is it really crazy for me to want my partner to lock me in a male chastity device? After all, it is a stylish kind of sexual jewelry. Okay, maybe it isn’t very stylish. It’s just a practical way she can be sure that I can’t ejaculate without her. It was all my idea; is that crazy?

If you consider normal sexual activity to be limited to fucking (either orifice), sucking, and handjobs then I suppose what I like is a little bit outside the box. Okay, way outside the box. The question is whether all that space outside the box is occupied by crazy? Maybe it’s occupied by “different”.

Yes, I can see that a woman who always subscribed to the in-the-box definition of sex might consider my mildly exotic tastes as crazy.

She must be crazy too. After all, it takes two to play the game. She’s the one who locks me in the male chastity device and keeps the key. She’s the one who edges me then smiles and tells me I have to wait if I want to come. She’s also the one who spanks me, not to mention waxes off my pubic and body hair. Does this make her an enabler or is she crazy too?

Since you are reading this, what does that make you?


  1. Since you are reading this, what does that make you?

    I like to think ‘Enlightened’. I have no qualms about the fact that, like you, I’m very turned on by the idea of being spanked by my Lady. And there are lots of other things that also turn me on that are a bit outside the so-called ‘norm’.

    Enjoy reading your posts. Its a touch of reality during this strange time.

    Ken (West Seattle)

    1. Author

      “Enlightened” I love it! Perfect! We are on the eastside.

    1. Author

      I don’t either. When she talks to her friends she often refers to me as her “oldest kid”.

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