There’s been a variety of power struggles in the Lion’s den lately. First of all, I don’t think either one of us is 100% yet. With that comes short tempers. If I say something and Lion asks me to repeat myself, it takes a minute to get the air and energy to repeat it. By then Lion is asking why I haven’t repeated myself yet. Or I’ll be in the middle of repeating and he still doesn’t hear me so he interrupts. That alone is frustrating enough, but when the electricity went out the other day, Lion was annoyed I wasn’t moving fast enough or didn’t realize what he was asking me over the noise of the generator or why did I just do what I did when obviously I should have done something different. I know what needs to be done, but I was a step behind because I still don’t feel well. And, by Sunday evening, I had spiked another low grade fever. The added activity of tending the generator and the fireplace were not helping.

By Monday night, when Lion reminded me it was punishment night, I had been mulling over in my mind whether he should be punished for yelling at me over the weekend. It’s actually been happening since we got sick, but I chalked it up to both of us feeling horrible, so I let it go. But he keeps telling me he’s feeling better. And he’s horny. And he grumbled that he hadn’t been out of the cage in however many days. And he wishes he could have some attention. And he wrote a post about needing to be reminded that I’m in charge. So when he dropped food on himself, I decided he needed to be punished. For that and the yelling.

I don’t know how many swats I gave him. His butt was instantly red and white. I gave a few swats and then waited for that to sink in. Then I gave a few more. And then I decided to do a few more less intense swats. I think he got the point. His buns did, at least.

Later on, I took out the Magic Wand and unlocked him. We need to get things back to normal. The power is back on. He’s gotten his swats. He needed to be edged. I still don’t feel well, but I can take charge again. And from now on, those little outbursts of temper will be dealt with more swiftly. I can’t have him thinking he’s in control, can I?

[Lion — 2.0 is right. I was horribly grumpy. I usually don’t growl at Mrs. Lion and I always feel badly when I do. She’s been wonderful despite being sick herself. I wrote my post for tomorrow before I read this. You may see some similar themes. Whether or not we are in a FLR, it’s wrong for me to lose it the way I did the last few days. I deserved to be spanked.]