Sexual Stockholm Effect

I’m back to work today. Mrs. Lion is still under the weather. I think she is about a day behind me in recovery. I’ve lost three days of work. Since I am an hourly consultant, we have lost a good bit of income. If we could afford it, I would take today off too. There’s no question that I am recovering. I’ve managed to stay awake all day today and was able to prepare lunch and dinner. This is the first time since last Wednesday that I have been able to do anything useful.

I’m still locked in the Jail Bird. This is the most continuous time I have been caged without any time out. It’s not really a problem. After all this time in the device, I hardly know it is there. I have no interest in sex. I am not certain when that will return. It’s not that my libido left town when I got sick. Well, actually it did. I wonder if it will return on its own.

I have a theory. Female mammals, with the exception of humans and some other higher apes, only go into heat when they are fertile. In the case of lion, the real ones, a female with cubs won’t go into heat until they are grown and away from the pride. That’s the big reason that when a new lion taking over a pride will kill all the cubs. That act will put all the lionesses into heat. That’s not my theory. I just wanted to account for the female side and the biological reasons for heat. It’s commonly thought that we males are always in heat. We are supposed to be actively seeking sex without interruption.

Most of the enforced chastity fantasies depend on that false assumption: lock us up and we will go crazy with desire the longer we are unable to get relief. The authors of these fantasies happen to be males, by the way. But it’s just not true. Left locked up with no sexual stimulation, we will not go so insane that we will do anything for an edging. Over time we will just forget about sex entirely. 2.0 knows this very well. After she recovers, I’m sure she will get busy reminding me what I’ve been missing.

I think that we guys sometimes misinterpret our own responses. A very large number of caged males report that after an extended period of enforced chastity, they lose interest in their own orgasms and get their pleasure from pleasing their partners. This is usually interpreted as a transfer of their desire to orgasm to their partner’s pleasure. Somehow, sexual desire has become sexual altruism.

I’m not denying that is how it feels. I have had similar feelings from time to time. Of course, Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in her own sexual satisfaction so I have never actually been able to experience the transfer. Of course that hasn’t stopped me form coming up with my own theory. I don’t know if this is right or not, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about. Lockup without release, with or without teasing, trains us not to expect orgasms. We get pleasure from the attention we get and we get pleasure from providing orgasms for our partners. However, we are being conditioned not to have orgasms ourselves. We are adaptable critters, so we sexually evolve to change not only our expectations but also the activities that give us sexual feelings. Instead of being frustrated by the edging and teasing, we learn to enjoy it and encourage it. We adapt.

The degree of adaptation depends on the consistency of the changes. If orgasms become extremely rare, then chances are good we will develop a Sexual Stockholm effect and work with our keyholders to limit or eliminate our own ejaculations. This is exactly what we asked for. It’s a massively hot fantasy. For some, the reality is even better.

Maybe this is the sexual equivalent of candy. We wanted it and when we got it we liked it a lot. As kids we we had dreams of eating candy and nothing else. It seemed perfect. Enforced chastity can be similar. We wanted it, liked it when we tried it, and want it all the time. Too much candy can make you sick. It’s unclear what eliminating male orgasm will do over time. Well, you won’t get cavities from it. However, a more balanced diet may be more fun for both you and your keyholder.

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    Glad that you are feeling better… Hope 2.0 is recovering quickly too!

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