No, not that kind of captivity. Lion has remained caged. However, he hasn’t been out of the house since he came home sick on Wednesday afternoon. I succumbed on Friday. We didn’t do laundry yesterday. We were barely able to feed ourselves. Lion made noises like he was going to work today. Until around bedtime. Then he threw in the towel, turned off the alarm, and went to sleep. I had already called in dead to my boss.

Today, we’re a little more awake, although we still feel like death. We’re definitely ready to feel better. We both need to get back to work. To do that we need to be able to stay awake all day. And preferably, we shouldn’t be coughing up our lungs. Fingers crossed.

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    As i said before, hope you get well soon, i know what is like to go thru something like that.

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